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$13.9 Million Verdict Following Birthing Mistake Causing Cerebral Palsy

A record $13.9 million verdict was recently reached following a costly birth injury affecting newborn girl. News reported on the award, which will be used to provide medical care for the child who suffered permanent brain damage as a result of the preventable medical mistakes during her birth.

At trial the medical expert made clear that the obstetrician who delivered the child failed to take notice of clear signs during the birth that infant was experiences distress in the womb. The signs of problems were obvious at least seven hours before her birth. Print-outs showed that the child needed to be delivered by cesarean section to avoid possible harm during normal childbirth.

However, the doctor failed to take notice of those signs, allowing a vaginal birth to proceed.

As a result, the child received too little oxygen during birth, leading to permanent injuries. She now suffers from cerebral palsy. She has many physical ailments, and is unable talk, roll over, or eat normal food. Her mental abilities are also impaired, but the child is able to count to 50 and knows the alphabet.

The parents of the victim currently provide 24-hour a day care, and the jury award will now ensure that the child will receive quality care throughout her life-even when her parents are no longer around.

Our Chicago birth injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti understand the life-altering (and ending) consequences that come when doctors and medical professionals make mistakes that affect births. The consequences perhaps appear more tragic because the injury affects the youngest, most vulnerable members among us-our children. It is vital that safety measures be improved and competency ensured at all facilities that have been found committing these mistakes. If you know of a victim, be sure to contact a birth injury attorney to begin the process of redress and reform.