$21.6 Million Verdict Following Botched Childbirth

Doctors trained in obstetrics and gynecology spend years learning specifically about the challenges of reproductive health and the careful steps that need to be taken when caring for a mother giving birth. An experienced Chicago birth injury lawyers knows, however, that there remains a small number of these physicians who continue to make costly mistakes that should have been prevented. Unfortunately, mistakes in childbirth often lead to lifelong disabilities for the infants in the crosshairs.

For example, Claims Journal recently reported on a jury verdict following a birth injury lawsuit filed by the mother of a disabled young child. The child suffered debilitating injury after hospital staff was unprepared for the difficulties that arose during his mother’s pregnancy. After hearing all of the evidence presented by both sides of the issue, the jury agreed that the employees of the UPMC Hospital failed to take proper steps to prevent oxygen deprivation. As a result of their birthing mistake the young child is left permanently mute and requiring feeding through a tube.

The community members reached a verdict of $21.6 million. That majority of that amount accounts for the cost of medical expenses for the rest of the victim’s life. The remainder is to account for past medical expenses and his lost future earnings capacity.

Our Chicago birth injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti have worked with families who have similarly been forever affected by mistakes made by medical professionals during childbirth. The consequences for these families are never higher than at those moments, and they deserve that the professionals providing them care abide by a reasonable standard of proper care. When those professionals fail, the law provides that the family can recover the losses they incurred because of the errors.

If you or someone you know has ever found themselves in that situation, please contact an Illinois personal injury lawyer today.

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