Birth Injuries Often Have Lifelong Consequences

Dealing with complications from childbirth are heart-wrenching experiences. In many cases, these challenges force families to confront the possibility that both the mother and infant might be lost. Our Chicago birth injury lawyers are well versed in the consequences of problems during pregnancy and childbirth. Sometimes these complications are completely unavoidable aspects of the natural process. However, at other times the birth injury could and should have been prevented if proper medical care had been provided. The pain, emotion, and loss in all cases are the same, however.

Unfortunately, for the newborns caught up in these situations, the consequences often permanently dictate their lives. This week the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel reported on the myriad of problems face by infants born prematurely. It is explained how many premature infants fight to survive and, if they do make it, suffer major disabilities. As it currently stands, half of all infant death result from complications from premature births.
However, even when it appears that the infant made it without major disabilities, there are often problems lurking under the surface that will not appear until later. They are the hidden costs of a preterm birth.
Many children who are born prematurely suffer intelligence issues, learning disabilities, and behavioral problems. Studies continue to show that those children born prematurely are less likely to graduate high school and obtain college degrees. Those educational issues have tremendous affects on these individual’s lifetime economic situation.

New research has found that IQ rates tend to decrease on average the less a premature infant weighs at birth. Of course, this is a trend and not a specific rule. But, it is clear that those children born earlier and weighing less are more likely to suffer learning problems which may ultimately influence their entire lives. Part of the problem is that infants who are forced to spend longer times in intensive care are at higher risks of experiencing brain problems. Lack of oxygen, infection, and hemorrhages can strike when these young children are at their most vulnerable just out of the womb. An infant in the intensive care unit it subject to changes in temperature, noise, and light which may also affect brain development. All of these stressors can injure the child
The risk of some degree of lifetime impairment is high for all those born prematurely, making it incumbent upon all medical professionals to do everything in their power to prevent these and similar birthing injuries. Our Chicago personal injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti have worked with countless families who have not received a reasonable level of care, resulting in lifelong complications for their children. From cerebral palsy and mental disability to impaired vision and hearing loss, infants suffer a wide range of debhilitating problems following a birth injury. The civil justice system is available to those families whose children have been injured because of the mistakes of their medical professionals. If you or someone you know is in this situation, please give us a call and learn about how the law might apply in your case.

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