Birth Injury Complaints Included in More than 100 Med Mal Lawsuits Against Single Hospital

Lawyers, patient right advocates, and others often mention that mistreatment in hospitals commonly occurs in bunches. In other words, the same individual practitioners and institutions often make errors time and again which cause harm to patients which should have been prevented.

This is the key reason why calls for more transparency in the medical industry are rising. It seems natural for patients to be able to learn about the quality of care provided by those who they are relying on. If a specific institution or practitioners have problem after problem in excess of others in the field, than red flags might be raised. Patients might chose to seek other options. The individual might then work to improve care. This is the basic quality premise behind the free-market system.

However, as we have often discussed, there is still a long way to go before we reach that ideal. That is because open, honest, and complete information about quality of care is still woefully lacking. Information is limited and much of it is created only using self-assessments. It does not take much imagination to understand how doctors, nurses, and medical institutions might be reluctant to be completely honest about the lapses of care. The foundation in self-reporting, means that the accountability system is lacking. Many patients, including expectant mothers, continue to visit medical professional with a track record of problems. Unfortunately, on some occasions, those mothers will not receive the care to which they are entitled and they themselves or their children might be harmed.

Birth Injury Example
One examples of this involved a hospital that was the subject of an Injury Lawyer News Update this week The story reports that the facility–not located in Illinois–has more than one hundred medical malpractice lawsuits pending against it. That likely means that on dozens and dozens of occasions, medical patients did not receive the care to which they were entitle, resulting in serious injury–and even death.

Several of those cases, according to the story, involved birth injuries. In those instances a doctor, nurse, or the medical practitioner did not follow proper protocol, resulting in serious injury to the young children. For example, in one case filed against the institution, a family claims that the doctor attending to their birth was negligent, resulting in serious brain damage and nervous system damage to the child.

There are many birthing complications which, if not handled properly, can result in severe injury. These include fetal distress, hypoxia, shoulder dystocia, umbilical cord problems, and more. Negligence usually comes into play when medical professionals either do not timely recognize the problem or do not respond to it effectively. The appropriate response various considerably depending on the situation. However, it often means using emergency actions to get the baby out at soon as possible–perhaps even by ordering a C-section.

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