Birth Injury Lawsuit Leads to $5 Million Verdict

As we have frequently shared, injuries suffered by children and their mothers in childbirth are often the most heart-breaking forms of medical malpractice cases for a Chicago birth injury lawyer. However, at the same time, these are also the cases that best represent what is fundamentally important about the legal system-a family seeking appropriate redress so that they can provide necessary care for their new child and recover following the medical error. It is exactly in lawsuits like these where the legal system shows its worth.

Red Orbit recently published a story one of those birth injury cases. A mother was brought to a local hospital after going into labor with her 10 pound baby. The mother had been in severe discomfort throughout the pregnancy and had repeatedly requested a Cesarean section. Unfortunately all of her calls went unheeded.

The couple’s doctor admitted that he “wandered in and out” of the room during the delivery, only arriving minutes before the child was born. This was true even though the doctor lived only minutes from the hospital and had no other patients at the time. The doctor’s laissez faire attitude meant that the couple was instead cared for by an inexperienced first year resident and nurse. The greenhorn physician exposed the suffering mother to excessive anesthesia and exaggerated hyper flexion abduction during the birth.

As a result of the poor treatment, the mother was forced to endure incredible pain. She ultimately suffered a broken and separated pelvis along with severe back injuries. Special hardware and neurological devices had to be installed in her back since the birth. She now requires a cane to walk.

The trial in this birth injury lawsuit recently finished with a jury unanimously finding for the family in the amount of $5 million.

Our Chicago injury attorneys at Levin & Perconti are proud to work with families in similar circumstances to the one in this case. The consequences of poor care and grievous errors in medical judgment have lifelong consequences for so many families. It is vital that negligent hospitals and doctors be held accountable for this unacceptable behavior. Please contact an Illinois medical malpractice lawyer if you ever find yourself in a similar position.

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