Birth Injury Lawsuit Leads to $3 Medical Malpractice Verdict

Avvo reported last week on the culmination of a medical malpractice lawsuit stemming from a birth injury.

The actual medical error leading to the trial occurred 18 years ago. The negligent obstetrician-gynecologist was presiding over the delivery of a baby girl when problems developed. However, the negligent doctor failed to act in a timely manner to help prevent complications from developing. Specifically, the doctor allowed a substantial time delay between the complications and the ordering of surgery. As a result of that error, the child suffered fetal asphyxia caused by umbilical cord compressions.

The damaging occurrence often leads to neurological problems in the infants, including cerebral palsy or even death. The child born here suffers from a number of developmental problems.

After hearing the evidence, the jury in this case found that the doctor’s poor care was a substantial factor in the girl’s asphyxia and subsequent neurological problems. They awarded her $3 million for her losses.

As blog readers are aware, quick action is crucial during childbirth. Even small delays in decision-making can be the difference between life and death. All childbirth doctors know this and are therefore held to a reasonable standard of care when they aid in deliveries.

Our Chicago birth injury attorneys at Levin and Perconti are disheartened but not surprised by this and similar incidents. Negligent cerebral palsy birth injuries should and can be prevented so that the next generation can enjoy life to the fullest. Parents whose children have been affected by a negligent birth injury should not have to shoulder the financial burden on their own and should immediately contact professionals for legal help.

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