Birth Injury Lawsuit Settlement After Child Not Delivered in a Timely Manner

Each Illinois birth injury lawyer at our firm knows that when it comes to childbirth timing is often a crucial element of proper care. Of course birth is a delicate process and when things go well, the child is born on schedule without specific emergencies. However, there are circumstances when a child facing health problems while still in the womb. This can occur in many ways, such as when oxygen is deprived to the baby or the child gets positioned incorrectly in the womb.
At these times, when things do not go according to plan, the skill and efficiency of the medical team is most needed. Yet, unfortunately the response at these times in inadequate. Serious birth injuries often result. When that happens it may be appropriate to seek out a birth injury lawyer to see if a lawsuit might be appropriate to seek redress and accountability.

That is what happened in a case that was recently profiled involving a birth injury where a doctor failed to deliver a child in a timely way which ultimately had serious repercussions. According to the court documents, the child was born in late January over six years ago. Complications developed during the birth. Specifically, the delivery involved an umbilical cord prolapsed and a nuchal cord. Our Chicago birth injury lawyers are very familiar with these delivery complications. Umbilical cord prolapse occurs when the umbilical cord exits the uterus before the child. It is an emergency and requires quick action to keep the child safe. A nuchal cord refers to the situation where the umbilical cord wraps around the fetus’s neck.

In this case the doctors should have been aware of the problem early on. The mother and child’s vital signs indicated problems, and the mother complained of a headache so severe that her vision became blurred. Unfortunately, many of these warning signs were not identified in a timely manner. As a result the child was born with severe injuries. He has mild cerebral palsy, is blind, and is unable to speak. His severe developmental delays will require significant treatment.

A lawsuit was filed by the family alleging negligence. Recently the suit was settled before the need to go to trial with the defendant agreeing to pay more than $4 million to the family. The funds will be used to provide the close care that the child will need throughout his life.

Our attorneys are very families with the exact issues in these cases. Issues like umbilical cord prolapsed are not common, but they occur enough that medical professionals should be aware of the appropriate responses to them. Sometimes that does not happen. Often it is appropriate for the practitioner to try to reduce the pressure on the cord and spur vaginal delivery as soon as possible. When this fails it is often necessary for an emergency C-section to be performed. In any event, time is critical in these situations. Failure to act quickly leads to oxygen deprivation which can cause brain damage and even death.

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