Child Suffers from Cerebral Palsy and Seizures after Alleged Medical Malpractice

According to a lawsuit recently filed by Fiona and Stanley Brown, negligence on the part of Lakeland OB-GYN and Lakeland Regional Medical Center caused their child, Destiny, to be born suffering from cerebral palsy and seizures.

The birth injury lawsuit claims that while Fiona and Stanley were at Lakeland Regional, the fetal monitor strip indicated a decrease in fetal heart rate. At thirty-eight weeks pregnant, Fiona was told that she needed to undergo an emergency Cesarean section.

Lakeland Regional is accused of not providing timely care before Destiny’s birth, not treating the fetal distress quickly enough, not reporting changes in Fiona’s condition to the attending doctor quickly enough, and of delaying the C-section.

It is unfortunate when a child is born with mental or physical disabilities and even more tragic when the disability is due to the medical negligence of a healthcare provider. Although Destiny will forever be partially disabled, with treatment she can live a more normal life. The issue for many of these children is that the cost of that treatment is astronomically high. The law firm of Levin and Perconti specializes in helping children who have suffered birth injuries due to the negligence of others gain access to those treatments.

The birth injury lawyers of Levin and Perconti take pride in our ability to achieve settlements and give those children affected by the negligence of their doctors a fighting chance at a normal life.

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