Child with Cerebral Palsy Has Life-Altering Surgery

Most local residents are familiar with the serious–and usually permanent–injuries faced by those with cerebral palsy. As our Chicago cerebral palsy lawyers often explain to local residents, the condition is usually caused by problems during the child’s development in the womb or as a result of birthing complications. Sometimes the injury should have been prevented. At others times there is nothing that medical professionals could have done to change things.

No matter what, however, it is usually important to get advice from an actual birth injury lawyer to learn what your rights are. That is because, where medical malpractice is involved, the law logically allows families to seek recovery from the unreasonable parties for the cost of the child’s care as a result of the injury.

Unfortunately, some still fail to recognize the difference in quality of life between those children who receive the best care possible to deal with the challenges caused by the injury and those who are forced to scrape by with the minimum care throughout their lives. It is crucial for families to seek out as much support as possible so that their child can have access to the best treatments and medical procedures available to live their lives to the fullest. As medical knowledge advances, the available options will undoubtedly grow.

For example, a new story from KSDK News reported on one child with cerebral palsy who recently had a surgery that he hopes will change his life forever. The hope was that the now-sixteen year old boy would be able to have vastly improved mobility following a unique surgery. The family traveled from their home in Florida to St. Louis to have the operation.

The procedure is known as selective dorsal rhizotomy. It is performed by specialized pediatric neurosurgeons. The procedure works by snipping some of the sensory nerves in the patient’s back. This helps to relieve tension and stiffness in the body, allow better movement–mobility problems are a common symptoms of cerebral palsy.

The results have been life-changing. The teen can now run, walk far easier, and even jump in the swimming pool. In addition, after the surgery and physical therapy he has shown improvement in behavior, speech, and other bodily functions.

Getting to the point of having the surgery was no easy task for the family, however. That is because the procedure is not covered by most insurance companies–particularly if the operation needs to be performed out-of-state. Considering the specialization of the operation, traveling to have the operation is common.

But how can families afford the operation–totalling at least $32,000 or more? In most cases, they cannot. The boy in this case was able to raise the funds only by creating a website and receiving a unique wave of public funds online. The family was able to raise nearly $60,000 to afford all of the expenses of the procedure. While the case is a heart-warming one of communities coming together to help a child in need–the reality is that many other children with cerebral palsy will never get the same opportunities.

That is why the Chicago birth injury lawyers are our firm believe strongly in the need for those who cause these injuries to provide compensation so that the affected children can have access to medical advances down the road that may drastically improve their quality of life.

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