Community Support Helps Family with Two Daughters with Cerebral Palsy

Earlier this week WKBW News shared the story of a family that has had to overcome many struggles after their twin girls were both born with cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is actually a term that refers to a range of problems that involve brain and nervous system functions. Those suffering from cerebral palsy face a myriad of problems affecting thinking, hearing, vision, movement, and most other basic human actions. Virtually all cerebral palsy sufferers require close, around-the-clock care for their entire lives. That is why when the harm is caused by a preventable medical mistake a birth injury lawsuit is often filed so that the involved families with have the resources they need to provide the lifetime of care.

In this case, the young girls have been aided by strong community support. The girls, now fourteen years old, have daily struggles, but their family works hard to ensure that they live as normal a life as possible. For example, the family’s home only has one bathroom, and it is on the second floor of the house. However, the girls cannot use the stairs, and their family carries them up every time. This has become an even more burdensome task as the girls have grown older and bigger. However, they had no other options, and so, like any good family, they simply did what they had to do. It is these daily activities that are often forgotten when people think about the long-term consequences of birth injuries.

Raising the girls had taken a toll on the family finances, but it became essential that the family have a handicap accessible bathroom on the first floor of their house. Fortunately, in this case, the family received some much needed community assistance. After working with a local state Senator and reaching out to others in the community, the family received the help they needed. Nearby residents devoted time, money, and labor, and eventually the family was able to begin construction on the bathroom. Ground was broken last week. At the groundbreaking the family thanked the long list of businesses and individuals that have worked to help in the remodeling effort. The state Senator who aided in the effort noted that “This significant quality of life improvement for the girls was achieved as a result of the family’s tireless work ethic and unwillingness to quit when it came to the health and safety of their children.”

The Illinois birth injury lawyers at our firm know how hard so many families work to provide what is necessary for their disabled children to have the best quality of life possible. It remains tragic when many of them are simply unable to have access to the services they need to get by each day-including basic accessibility issues. When the disability was preventable and caused by mistakes made by the medical team during delivery, then the law demands that those who caused the problem provide redress for their losses. The compensation goes toward things exactly like that here-nursing care, wheelchairs, accessible vehicles, home changes, and other requirements.

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