Complications That Go Undiagnosed Can Pose Threat for Birth Injuries

The birth of a baby is one of the happiest events in the lives of parents. Yet for some, the emotions turn from joy to despair if a baby suffers an injury during birth. Birth injuries occur infrequently but they still happen from time to time. Those that are most at risk for injuries at birth are those where undiagnosed pregnancy complications exist. Complications include a variety of issues and any one of them may increase the chances that a baby will suffer an injury during labor or birth.

Serious Complications

The CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tracks many types of complications and risks that can occur during pregnancy. Some of these complications can lead to an increased risk for injuries at the time of labor and delivery. These issues should be diagnosed during pregnancy and if properly treated, will not create problems during the birth. Some of the most common pregnancy complications include:

· Anemia
· Preeclampsia
· Diabetes
· Large Baby
· Improperly Positioned Baby

Proper Treatment during Pregnancy

Most times, a pregnancy will progress as it should and the woman is able to proceed to a normal labor and delivery. It is extremely important for women to have regular prenatal doctor checkups to ensure that there are no complications. If a medical condition is noted the doctor can take the necessary precautions to ensure a safe birth. For this reason, even women who think their pregnancies are progressing normally should always seek regular examinations.

Prevention of Birth Injuries

Birth injuries are medical problems that occur at the time of labor or delivery. These injuries often happen when there is a serious medical problem at the time of birth. Properly diagnosing conditions during pregnancy is essential to reducing the risk of problems during delivery. When a problem is discovered it should be monitored and treated. As the pregnancy progresses, the doctor will need to determine whether special requirements are necessary during delivery. For example, a large baby will be difficult to deliver and possible injuries may be prevented by performing a c-section.

Undiagnosed Complications

When the doctor is not prepared for a possible complication, proper preparations are not made and a birth injury could be more likely. For instance, a baby who is not positioned properly cannot be delivered properly. This could cause a lengthy delay during which time the infant could become distressed. Instead, the doctor should evaluate the baby’s position before the woman goes into labor. In some cases, the baby can be successfully turned prior to labor. However, if not, the woman will likely require a c-section.

Birth Injuries

When a birth injury occurs it can be devastating for families. Not only does their infant require extensive medical diagnosis and treatment, but the costs of this care can be astronomical. If an infant was injured because of a doctor’s negligence, the parents may be entitled to compensation. To learn more about legal action for birth injury cases, contact the skilled lawyers at Levin & Perconti to schedule a consultation.

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