Court Awards Million Dollar Verdict for Cerebral Palsy Treatment

A federal district court recently awarded a couple $6.75 million for injuries relating the the treatment of son’s condition. According to a report by Medical Press, the New York family hoped that the medication would bring relief for their young son, who was born with cerebral palsy. Instead, the it led to a life threatening condition that requires constant monitoring.
Cerebral palsy is a disorder that results from injury to the developing brain, usually occurring during pregnancy. According to, there are a variety of causes that lead to the condition:

***A prenatal disturbance of brain cell migrations occur with environmental factors prevent cells from moving into their correct locations within the brain

***Poor insulation of developing nerve cells occurs when the protective covering does not form adequately enough to protect nerve endings
***Prenatal brain cell death occurs when problems during the birthing process lead to a lack of oxygen to the brain or the rupturing of blood vessels within the brain
***Postnatal traumas, injuries and infections can lead to inappropriate connections between cells within the brain
Symptoms of cerebral palsy generally occur during infancy or the toddler years. They may present as floppiness of limbs or abnormal posture. Walking difficulties and involuntary movements are also common among children with this disorder. In the most extreme cases, epilepsy and blindness may also appear. Due to the possible severity of the condition and the absence of a cure, researchers and doctors are adamantly searching for treatments to address its symptoms. Speech and physical therapy is commonly used, along with pain medications.

Botox as a Treatment Method

Within the last 10 years, Botox injections became another commonly used treatment for cerebral palsy symptoms. According to, when injected into a muscle, Botox interrupts the path of nerve impulses, which allows the muscle to relax. For cerebral palsy patients, this treatment reportedly relieves the pain and discomfort of muscle spasms. It is sometimes used along with a cast to reposition the extremity.

In the New York case, the child suffered from calf spasms due to a mild case of cerebral palsy. He reportedly received Botox injections as a form of treatment. According to the lawsuit, the child developed epilepsy and requires constant medical monitoring in case life-saving procedures become necessary. The $6 million award is against the Botox manufacturer. The article states that the company also faced criminal charges from the federal government, due to its improper promotion of the drug for unapproved uses, like juvenile cerebral palsy.

When faced with the injury of a newborn, parents trust their doctors to treat and cure their babies. If this task is not properly handled, further injuries or death may occur, making a challenging situation even more difficult. With the assistance of an experienced attorney, parents can fight for the compensation they deserve
If your baby has cerebral palsy and suffered additional injury after a Botox treatment, contact the knowledgeable birth injury attorneys of Levin & Perconti today at (877) 374-1417 for a free consultation.

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