Crib Safety Is Important to Keep Newborns Safe

Our Illinois birth injury lawyers represents families whose new babies have suffered harm because of mistakes made during their birth that should have been prevented. However, we also have helped families throughout the state whose children have been harmed after birth from a variety of preventable accidents. A wide range of risk factors must be accounted for by parents to ensure that their vulnerable youngsters are not harmed by the dangers around them. There is often a thin line between safety and severe harm. Many of the infant products used by families every day can become dangerous objects for the babies if not guarded against.

For example, crib injuries continue to be a problem affecting many across the country. A recent report in Pediatrics found that at over 25 children are hurt in crib accidents every single day. That adds up to thousands of victims each year. Those shocking totals are important reminders of the need to take precautions to protect your children from being hurt by these products. Even following just a few basic tips can be the difference between safe sleeping and a potentially deadly accident.

For one thing, it is not advisable to use antique cribs. Many of the oldest cribs have openings of unsafe size and shape which may trap the child’s head, neck, arms, or legs. Those old cribs may also be missing necessary hardware affecting the stability of the object. At all times the spaces between crib slats should not exceed 2 3/8 inches according to child protection advocacy groups. Corner posts can also be harmful. If a corner post is too high, it can catch your child’s pajamas and lead to a variety of problems.

Besides ensuring that the crib itself is designed correctly, it is also necessary not to use the crib in an unsafe manner. Bumper pads should not be used in these cribs, according to experts, because they increase the risk of strangulation and suffocation. Having excess blankets or bedding can also be dangerous. It is usually advisable to only have a single bottom-fitted sheet on a firm, tight-fitting mattress. Excess toys or object within reach of the child should be avoided. Mobiles and gym cribs are designed for the youngest babies to look at –not for older children to reach out and grab. When the child is able to pull himself up and grab these objects, then they should be moved from the crib.

Our Illinois accident attorneys urge all local families to get into safe habits to ensure that their young child does not fall victim to a preventable injury. Crib safety is but one area of many in which small steps can go a long way. However, there are times when one will suffer injury even when reasonable care was taken. That law provides an avenue for those who have been harmed in this way to hold those who played in a role in the accident accountable. In these cases, the demands of one family can often have an impact on thousands of others, as they could spur important safety changes in design which ultimately saves lives. Please get in touch with our Illinois injury lawyers for a free consultation to learn how the law might apply in your case.

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