Dangerous Medical Equipment – Litigating a Surgical Mesh Injury

Surgical mesh is a medical device that is used to treat a number of health complications in female patients. The material is inserted into the pelvis for the purpose of strengthening its walls. This prevents the bladder and reproductive organs from slipping down into the vaginal area. Though this material is commonly used, it’s come under extensive scrutiny. According to a report by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the surgical mesh has been a safety concern for more than three years. Thousands of women report painful side effects and complications with the device, resulting in numerous lawsuits.

Adverse Reactions to Surgical Mesh

***Unintended adhesions – Internal scars form and cause independent tissues to bond together. This condition can interfere with reproduction functions and cause pain.

***Organ injuries – The mesh’s rough edges may puncture or scratch internal organs.

***Blood vessel injuries – When blood vessels are perforated, bleeding can occur through the urine or bowels. The loss of blood can sometimes require transfusion.

***Infection – The introduction of the foreign substance into the body, as well as the surgery itself, can cause infections.

***Chronic Pain – Patients may experience undiagnosed chronic pain that requires management through narcotics or other pain medications
***Incontinence – Though surgical mesh is often used to treat incontinence, the surgery involved with its insertion can lead to worse incontinence issues.

***Bowel problems – The bowel may become perforated during the surgery to insert the mesh, leading to abdominal pain, vomiting and fever.

While health care officials have known about these complications for years, surgical mesh is still widely used in women’s health. According to a report by Market Watch, numerous Illinois women are asking the state’s Attorney General to investigate one of the major surgical mesh manufacturers.

One survivor of the mesh operation is quoted in the article as stating, “As one of the early mesh victims, I thought my severe complications were an anomaly when my mesh was implanted in 2005 and explanted seven months later. Instead, I learned that my complications were not rare, and nine years later women are continuing to suffer from this at an inexcusably high incidence rate.”

Surgical Mesh Lawsuits

More than 70,000 lawsuits are reportedly in progress against manufacturers of surgical mesh. Most of the cases are based on a product liability claim where makers are accused knowingly withholding information about the dangers of surgical mesh. Some of the suits even allege that companies purposely destroyed medical documentation about the dangers of the product. Prescription liability cases are generally very difficult to maneuver without the assistance of an experienced attorney. Successful litigation requires detailed medical explanations and an understanding of product liability law. Plaintiff’s attorneys are key to securing fair compensation, as well as educating the public about the dangers of surgical mesh.

Surgical mesh implants can cause significant physical and mental health complications for an injured party. If you or a loved one has been injured by a surgical mesh surgery or implant, contact Levin & Perconti for a free consultation.

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