Dangers of “Placental Cerebral Infarction”

Many parents with children who suffer birth injuries are understandably confused when they learn about specific ailments which affected their youngsters. Much of the detailed medical information is difficult to fully understand. Our Illinois birth injury attorneys appreciate that it is downright impossible for most families to understand on their own how or why the injury arose. This presents complications for legal accountability, because many do not even realize that they were hurt by a medical mistake that should have been prevented. For that reason, it remains important to share information about some of the basic injuries which may be caused by medical negligence. In this way, more families will hopefully seek out professional advice to understand how to proceed in their case.

Placental Cerebral Infarction
For example, one term that parents might hear from their medical professionals about a birth injury is a condition known as “placental cerebral infarction.” It refers to a problem that affect the flow of blood from the placenta to a fetus. The blood flow problem is damaging because it restricts oxygen flow during development or in the midst of a procedure. The consequences of these injuries are severe. Cerebral palsy is just one of many disabilities which is sometimes connected to the condition.

What Causes It?
The condition has various causes, and it arises at different stages–throughout the pregnancy or during the labor/delivery. Experts explain that some factors leading to the problem include maternal diabetes, “fetal anemia” (inadequate red blood cells in circulatory system), preeclampsia (high blood pressure in pregnant mother), and other situations.

In addition, it is vital for medical professionals to avoid cerebral hypoxia. For example, when a Caesarean section is being performed, a mistake may lead to excessive bleeding if the placenta or uterus is damaged. This problem affects the infant’s blood supply and may subsequently deprive the brain of oxygen. Prolonged oxygen deprivation is a very serious birth injury that may have lifelong consequences for the child.

In mild cases there may only be limited problems, like memory issues or learning disabilities. In more severe cases cerebral palsy, seizures, or even more severe problems might arise–some might be fatal.

Cerebral palsy is one of the more common outcomes following this sort of injury. Many local families may have a child with the condition which was caused by oxygen flow problems. Cerebral palsy often does not manifest until a child is 2-3 years old. This makes it difficult for many families to connect the problem with potential negligence–if it occurred.

As the Chicago cerebral palsy attorneys at our firm often explain to local residents, the long-term consequences of cerebral palsy can be quite costly. Ensuring that a child with cerebral palsy has access to the full range of therapies and resources necessary to help his or her development often demands accountability on the part of medical professionals whose errors led to the injury. That is where civil lawsuits come in. If you or someone you know may have been hurt in this way, it is advisable to seek out a legal professional as soon as possible to learn more.

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