Doctor Recognized for Work with Children with Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is perhaps the most recognized birth injury. There are many different types of this harm that usually affects children during the birthing process itself. Most Illinois community members are affected by cerebral palsy at some point, perhaps with their own child developing it or with friends or family members whose child has cerebral palsy.

The widespread awareness of the condition comes with one benefit: a growing number of residents are working hard to ensure that children with cerebral palsy are accommodated whenever possible so that they do not miss out on any aspect of childhood or community living in general. Combined with advances in the design and manufacture of technologies and tools to help account for challenges, those with cerebral palsy have a good a chance as ever before to live full lives with minimal adaptations as a result of physical or cognitive impairments.

None of this is to say that the injury is sometimes not debilitating. But it is important to recognize the progress that has been made in recent decades to bring all community members into the fold, including those who suffer birth injuries like CP.

Similarly, it is critical to recognize those experts in the health and well-being of these patients who have done so much to advance the knowledge around the condition and expand access to quality treatments, rehabilitation tools, and other resources to ensure those with cerebral palsy are able to develop to their full capacity.

Cerebral Palsy Center
One of those unsung heroes is Dr. Jan Brunstrom-Hernandez who was recently profiled in a Fox News article for her career working on CP issues. The doctor founded the Cerebral Palsy Center in St. Louis fifteen years ago and has worked with adults and children with the condition for year.

Dr. Brunstrom-Hernandez has a particularly unique perspective when working with her patients. That is because the doctor herself has cerebral palsy.

As a young girl, the doctor was surrounded by medical professionals who helped in her own development. However years later, as a practicing physician, she was saddened to learn that little had changed for cerebral palsy patients, as children were receiving the same treatments that she did as a little girl decades before. She wanted to change that, and so she helped found the cerebral palsy clinic that is still going strong today.

Discussing her passion for the work, the doctor explains, “”I have gotten as much or more out of taking care of these patients as they have ever gotten from me. It changed my life. They saved my life. They taught me how to believe in myself. They taught me how to look at myself differently.”

The world is a different place today for children with cerebral palsy than it was even a few decades ago. However, while more tools are available, they still come with a cost. That is why it is critical for families not to leave any stone unturned when it comes to procuring the resources necessary to pay for all the care needed. In some cases, when the injury was caused by negligence, then legal liability may be had. Please contact our Chicago cerebral palsy lawyers for guidance on your case.

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