Doctor Responsible for Birth Injury Goes Missing

Our Illinois birth injury attorneys recently read about a lawsuit in which the family of a baby that was born with birth injuries sued the doctor that was responsible for the delivery, for causing the injuries to be much more severe than they would have been had he not acted negligently. The negligence lawsuit alleges that the baby suffered permanent arm and shoulder nerve damage after the doctor did not act as quickly as he should have when the baby’s arm got stuck against his mother’s bone during delivery. The stuck shoulder should have led the doctor to perform immediate emergency surgery to help relieve the arm of the pressure, and the lack of the surgery led to the baby suffering from a severe and permanent injury.

The birth injury occurred back in 1989, and the now much older boy still has a weakened arm due to the damage at birth, and there is very extensive nerve damage to his whole arm. According to Justice News Flash, the lawsuit points out that the doctor that was responsible for the birth injury admitted himself to a drug rehabilitation center just days after the birth of the baby boy. The family believes that the doctor may have been under the influence of drugs and that his judgment was impaired at a point in time where he needed to make an emergency decision that he failed to make.

The birth injury and negligence lawsuit that was filed by the family of the victim likely seeks damages not only for medical bills and costs associated with the injury and physical therapy for the injury, but also for damages to help with the pain and suffering that the boy and his family have had to deal with as a result of the doctor’s negligence. The birth injury lawsuit was filed against the negligent doctor about four years ago but now the doctor cannot be found. He has lost his medical license and even his own attorney does not know where he is located. This is obviously very frustrating for the family, and the young man who suffered the birth injuries, because with they are not able to achieve the justice that they deserve or to receive any compensation that they are owed with the doctor missing. The attorney for the doctor is trying to have the case dismissed because the doctor is unable to be located but the family has asked the court for an extension in hopes that they doctor will be located and the case can continue on and they can receive damages for the birth injury.

If you or a loved one suffered birth injuries that were the result of a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional’s negligence and you feel that you are entitled to monetary compensation for this negligence, please contact our Illinois personal injury lawyers immediately to talk about your case. Our personal injury firm has helped recover millions of dollars for clients all over Illinois and we are here to talk to you about what has happened to you and you family.

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