Dramatic Rise in Caesarian Births

Our Chicago birth injury attorneys recently read that multiple hospitals in the Miami area stated that in 2010, over half of their births were caesarian births (C-sections), as opposed to vaginal deliveries. Additionally, according to Florida Independent, this city has the highest rate of C-section deliveries in the United States. The high number of C-section births worry many doctors and other health care professionals, because many believe that C-sections should only be performed when it is medically in the best interest of the mother and baby. Examples of when it might be medically necessary is when there is a complication that makes the birth need to occur quickly in order to keep the mother and baby safe.

One of the reasons that there has been a large rise in the number of C-section births is because in terms of scheduling it is easier for both mothers and for hospitals. With C-sections, the birth is often times scheduled ahead of time (unless the C-section is because of a complication or an emergency situation) and this makes both the family and the hospital able to plan for the birth. While the ease in planning may sound like a good solution to giving birth to many doctors and expectant families, it is not a good reason to have a C-section if that is the only reason for performing the C-section instead of performing a vaginal birth. A C-section is a surgical procedure and the risk associated with surgeries are present with all C-sections, and many mothers and babies suffer complications with C-sections that would not be present with a normal vaginal delivery.

Another reason that many doctors opt for, and encourage, C-sections even when they may not be medically necessary, is that doctors often worry about the increased risk of medical malpractice and birth injury lawsuits that may arise from a long labor and natural birthing process. While there may be more time for birth related complications to arise during a prolonged labor, the risk of a potential birth injury lawsuit is not a good reason for a doctor to encourage a C-section as a birthing solution when there is no other logical reason to perform the C-section.

If your doctor suggests a C-section delivery, instead of a vaginal labor and birth, please make sure to understand the reasoning behind the suggestions, and choose one when it is medically necessary and not just for scheduling ease. C-sections are a great option when there is a complication and the baby needs to be delivered immediately, or when other complications make one necessary, but if that is not the case and it is just for the doctor to protect themselves from a possible birth injury lawsuit, undergoing surgery for no real reason may not be the best choice for the mother or the baby. All doctors and all hospitals should always place the patient and the baby’s health and safety first and foremost, and if you feel that the doctor was negligent in their decision making, please contact our Illinois personal injury attorneys to talk about whether a birth injury lawsuit should be filed against the doctor.

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