Exercising during Pregnancy may Reduce Birth Injury

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout pregnancy is very beneficial for not only the health of the mother, but also for reducing the risk of birth injury. Babies born to women who eat a well balanced diet and exercise regularly throughout their pregnancy are less likely to be born prematurely, with low birth-weight or with birth defects. Exercise during pregnancy can maintain a woman’s muscle tone and build muscle which can help to lower the blood pressure of the fetus. Prenatal exercise can be an essential building block to a successful pregnancy and healthy baby. However, a woman should consult with a doctor before beginning any exercise regime in order to reduce any occurrence of birth injury. It is recommended that women who are pregnant keep their heart rate under 140 beats per minute and drink plenty of water. Since the body produces the hormone relaxin, the risk of injury during pregnancy can be increased if there is not special consideration paid to the body. To read more about the ways to decrease birth injury, please click the link.

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