Family Awarded $4.5 Million Following Birth Injury Lawsuit

Many parents whose children fall victim to a birth injury suffer considerable emotional distress knowing that their child will have to face a variety of unique challenges throughout their lives. The physical and mental disabilities that these children face can requires millions of dollars in care over the course of a lifetime, not counting the lost experiences, mental, and emotional trauma that comes with these life-long problems. The Illinois childbirth accident attorneys at our firm have worked first-hand with many of these families and we know the personal struggles that are faced following preventable childbirth complications.

The well-publicized case on which we previously reported and highlighted by the Orlando Sentinel earlier this month is a good example of the consequences of these birth injuries. A jury recently awarded a family $4.5 million to help pay for the consequences of a mistake that caused their child to be born without arms and only one leg. After hearing evidence from both sides and deliberating on the matter, the jury agreed that the obstetrician and medical clinic that employed her were negligent in the care they provide to the family. The doctor’s failed to perform a proper sonogram and did not notice the child’s problem-even though reasonable medical professionals in the same circumstances would have.

The jury explained that it was clear that the obstetrician and other medical care workers failed to provide anywhere near the reasonable level of service that the family should have been able to expect. For example, the ultra sound technician wrote a report where she indicated four limbs were found. The doctor signed the report, even though neither could explain why the indicated something that wasn’t true on the report.

As a result of this latest accident and lawsuit, the medical office has changed its protocol. Different procedures are now used to ensure that all limbs are clearly identified by the medical professionals when conducting a sonogram. The spurring of important safety changes is one of the only good things to come out of this situation. The family explains that they will use the money to buy prostheses, which the child will need to have any semblance of a normal life. They will be able to purchase a wheelchair and other necessary medical care to assist with the boy’s day-to-day needs. Right now the child is three years old and unable to do most of the things other toddlers are doing.

The Illinois birth injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti are glad that the family in this case was able to receive the assistance it needs to provide for this child and spur changes at the negligent facility which will hopefully save others from suffering the same problems. All professionals working in these situations know that the consequences of their work are often matters of life and death. That is why it is entirely reasonable for families to expect a certain level of care whenever they rely on these professionals to make decisions about the birth. If you or someone you know experiences a preventable birth injury, get in touch with our attorneys and learn about your legal rights.

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