Family of Birth Injured Baby Sets Up Foundation to Help Others

Our Chicago birth injury attorneys were inspired by a story in which they learned that the parents of a baby that died as a result of a brain injury that occurred during birth started a foundation in the baby’s honor to help out other children that suffered brain related birth injuries. The couple’s baby was injured during birth and as a result of this brain injury during birth, the baby ended up dying before he was even one year old. The family of the baby chose to try and turn their sadness into something more positive and started this foundation in his name about eleven years ago, which was shortly after he died as a result of his injuries. The baby’s mother says that started the foundation and works so hard for the cause in order to help her baby’s memory live on. The entire staff of the foundation is comprised of volunteer workers so that the money that is raised can go more directly to the children.

The foundation raises money through donations, which are then used to help fund projects that are set up to help victims of brain injuries that occurred during childbirth. According to LOHUD, the foundation receives the majority of their donations through an annual fundraising event that is a day long event which culminates in a fundraising dinner. Examples of where the money goes is to things like building new ramps to assist kids that need help getting into a therapy pool, to help fund in home equipment for children that need it when the family may be unable to pay for it, as well as for other projects that help children suffering from these birth injuries. In addition to raising money to help children of birth injuries, the goal of the foundation is to help educate women about birth injuries and about problems that may occur during childbirth. The family of the young victim have five other children but felt like when their terrible tragedy occurred they were not aware of the high frequency and risks of birth injuries and that they want others to know more about what can happen and feel more prepared than they were if something does go wrong during birth. The specific area of education that the foundation focuses on is the risk of a vaginal birth following birth by a caesarian.

Our Chicago personal injury lawyers are so happy that this couple and their family was able to take their tragedy and their grief and find a way to help others that are victims of this type of birth injury. The cost of medical bills, equipment, and therapy for the injuries is often very high and when the injury is the result of the doctor’s negligence, many families choose to sue the doctor for causing the baby’s injuries. Our Illinois birth injury attorneys have helped out clients recover millions of dollars in connection with their birth injury lawsuits and are here to help out your family if this has happened to you or if this has happened to a loved one.

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