Family of Injured Boy Seeks Approval of $30M Award in Birth Injury Lawsuit

Our Chicago birth injury attorneys recently learned about a birth injury lawsuit that resulted in a $30 million dollar settlement for the family of the victim of the birth injury. The birth injury lawsuit was against the hospital where the baby was delivered back in 1997. The lawsuit alleged that due to the negligence of the hospital the baby was born with severe brain and birth injuries that have led him to have permanent disabilities. When the baby’s mother went into labor she was given a drug that was to induce her contractions but then the doctors at the hospital failed to monitor both the mother and the baby. This led the baby to be without oxygen and by the time the doctor’s realized what was going on they had to perform an emergency cesarean section. According to Naples News, all of the time without oxygen severely injured the baby and led to permanent brain injuries in the baby and he was diagnosed as having developed cerebral palsy from his oxygen deprivation.

The baby that was injured back in 1997 at the hospital is now 14 years old. His cerebral palsy requires that for him to be able to communicate he needs certain equipment and tools, such as a special keyboard that he is able to tap out the letters of the words that he is trying to communicate to others. At one point he was able to go to school with other children his age, but due to budget cuts he lost his assistant that was there to help out in the classroom. Without his assistant in the classroom he is unable to keep up with the class, and in turn his mother now teaches him at home. This type of special care can be very expensive and is necessary for the young boy to use in order to communicate and keep up with other children his age educationally. Because of these expenses, the family of the birth injured boy has a great deal of expenses that are connected with the permanent brain injuries to the young boy. The boy lives with his mother whom is a single mother raising him on her own as well as home schooling him.

The birth injury lawsuit was originally decided back in 2007, where the boy and his parents (now divorced) were awarded $30 million dollars. The defendant hospital then appealed the decision and the appellate court upheld the decision in 2009. The family has since filed a claims bill against the hospital asking the state legislature to approve the payment of the damages that are due to the victim’s family. The reason that this amount has to be requested for payment is because the hospital is publicly run and there is a cap on the damages that a public entities can be required to pay, and while a jury is allowed to award a higher amount to the plaintiff, the damages must be approved before the defendant is required to pay the damages in full to the plaintiff. At this point the legislature has not yet approved the payment, but it is still pending and the family hopes that it will be approved soon in order to help them out with all of their costs associated with the hospital’s negligence that led to their son’s permanent brain injuries.

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