Family Receives $1.5M Settlement for Birth Injury/Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Our Illinois birth injury attorneys just learned about a settlement in a wrongful death/birth injury lawsuit in which the family of a baby that died shortly after birth was awarded $1.5 million dollars for the hospital and doctor’s negligence in not giving the baby the proper attention and care that it needed when it was born. The baby was born about two and a half years ago, and suffered serious trauma at birth. The wrongful death lawsuit alleges that because of the doctors and nurses acting negligently, in failing to recognize the severity of the baby’s injuries at the time of the baby’s birth, the baby was treated too late and died several days later as a result of the birth injuries sustained while at the hospital. The birth injury initially occurred because the doctor that was delivering the baby used a vacuum suction to help and get the baby’s head out during delivery, and the suction led to brain bleeding in the baby. The serious birth problem was not handled immediately following the baby’s birth injury and the doctors and nurses were negligent in failing to recognize the symptoms and the signs that the baby was in serious distress until about twelve hours after the baby was delivered. By this time the baby suffered serious, and what resulted in, fatal injuries. The baby was not taken to the appropriate hospital that it needed to go for treatment and surgery until the day after it was born, and according to the birth injury lawsuit, this delay is what caused the baby to die from the injuries.

The wrongful death lawsuit named multiple defendants when it was originally filed back in the summer of 2009, but at the time the settlement was reached, the doctor that delivered the baby and the hospital where the baby was born were the only defendants remaining as parties to the personal injury lawsuit. According to The York Daily Record, the settlement was just recently reached and the $1.5 million dollar settlement will go to the parents of the victim and to their attorneys. This recovery amount is not only intended for the baby’s medical bills connected with the birth and the failed surgery that followed to try to help the baby, but also to try and help the family of the victim receive some form of compensation for all the terrible loss and pain and suffering that they have been through as a result of the negligence on the part of the defendants.

If you or a loved one gave birth to a baby, and the hospital, the nurses, or the doctors, acted in a manner that was negligent given the level of care that all hospital staff owe to their patients, and your baby was injured as a result of these negligent actions, please contact our Illinois personal injury law firm today. Our Chicago birth injury attorneys have worked with clients all over the state of Illinois and have recovered monetary damages for these clients to help them out in some way with all that they have suffered through as the result of another person’s negligence during the birthing process, and our birth injury attorneys are here to talk to you and hear your story and discuss what options are available to you and your loved ones.

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