Family Seeks $9M in Case Against Obstetrician

Our Chicago birth injury attorneys recently read about a case in which a Florida family has filed a lawsuit against the obstetrician that delivered their son three years ago. The medical malpractice lawsuit is against the doctor because the young boy was born with only one leg and with very short arms, and the doctor did not catch these birth defects during the pregnancy. The family alleges that the doctor and the hospital staff acted negligently in not informing the family of these problems after they conducted several ultrasounds during the mother’s pregnancy. The parents of the boy claim that had they known of the birth defects at a time when terminating the pregnancy was still an option, they may have chosen this option because the family feels that the boy will have a lifetime of hardship because of his birth injuries and that he will suffer a great deal throughout his life.

According to the Palm Beach Post, the lawsuit alleges that the hospital and the doctors and staff that viewed the ultrasounds somehow missed the birth defects and that it was negligent of the staff for no one to notice the problems at any point during the pregnancy. Since the couple was not told of the birth defects they were not aware that there were any abnormalities with the pregnancy until their son was born. While the young boy is a happy toddler, his parents worry about the trouble he may experience as he gets older. The lawsuit seeks over $9 million dollars in damages, as that is the expected cost of the care for the young boy throughout his life for his medical bills, medical equipment and medical services. The family is also seeking additional money damages as compensation for the pain and suffering the family has experienced as a result of the doctor’s negligence in failing to identify a problem with the pregnancy.

This family and many others have filed medical malpractice or birth injury lawsuits against the doctor or hospital that is responsible or contributed to an injury to their child. These lawsuits aim to seek some compensation for what the negligence on the part of the doctor or hospital has caused the family of the victim to suffer through, and to try to help them out with the expensive costs of medical bills associated with the injury. While these lawsuits will not make up for the negligent actions by the doctor or hospital, they are a way to try to make the family have some type of recovery for the terrible experience.

Our Illinois personal injury lawyers have helped clients all over Illinois with their medical malpractice and birth injury lawsuits, and have recovered millions of dollars for these clients that have suffered as a result of someone else’s negligence. If you or a loved one suffered an injury at the hands of a negligent doctor, or due to the negligence of a hospital, please contact out Illinois personal injury attorneys today. We are here to hear your story and to help you determine what the next step is in receiving compensation for your personal injury.

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