Five Birth Injury Lawsuits Filed Against a Single Hospital

Most medical professionals provide top-notch service to their patients day in and day out. All of us rely on the skill and expertise of doctors, nurses, technicians, aides, and others to ensure we live our healthiest and fullest life. That care begins as soon as we enter the world, as medical professionals are responsible for ensuring childbirth goes as smooth as possible.

Yet, recognizing the value of these medical professionals does not mean that one must turn a blind eye to inadequate medical care. At the end of the day, not all medical teams provide the same quality of care. For a variety of reasons there are some professionals and institutions which time and again fail to meet the required standard of care, causing harm to patients. Demanding accountability and ensuring redress following those incidents is the purpose of medical malpractice lawsuits.

Handful of Birth Injury Cases
The need to demand legal accountability is particularly strong when an individual doctor or hospital is chronically negligent. It is usually only then that comprehensive changes are made which ensure long-term patient safety. Far too many institutions allowed problems to fester, and they have little incentive to change unless forced.

For example, recently a story at FOX 5 discussed how an attorney has filed five birth injury lawsuits against one medical center. The suits allege that quality of care violations led to the death of four babies and the serious injury of another. The total number of incidents is a reminder of the fact that poor safety conditions are certain facilities often lead many patients to suffer harm.

A recent press conference was held discussing the situation. At the meeting each of the mother’s shared their story of heartbreak and loss. One of the women described how she herself was also injured during the traumatic childbirth. She noted that the child’s head became stuck during the delivery. The problem was not corrected for so long that the child was turning purple and blue. Fortunately the baby in that case survived, but she was injured–suffering “nerve palsy” in her right arm.

Interestingly, all of the mothers are younger and of limited socio-economic means. The lawyer in the case is exploring whether the demographics of the patients affected the care that they received at the medical institution. Summarizing, the attorney explained, “I think you’re entitled to equal medical care. It doesn’t matter what’s your socio-economic background or race is. It ought not matter.”

Sadly, the reality is that certain community members often receive less adequate care as a result of the community in which they live. Those individuals who are forced to go to a local institution which is of poorer quality may be more likely to fall victim to medical malpractice.

It is important for those in Chicago and elsewhere in Illinois to remember that no matter where you receive medical care, it is critical that proper standards be maintained. If you or someone you know believes that you have been harmed by poor care, consider getting in touch with a Chicago birth injury lawyer to share your story and learn about your options.

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