Gestational Diabetes and Obesity Linked to Increased Birth Weight in Babies

Parents who suffer from a combination of gestational diabetes (GDM) and obesity have recently been linked to an increased chance of delivering children with macrosomia. Macrosomia, having a very high birth weight, can lead to various birth injuries if not recognized and approached correctly by a patient’s doctor.

A recent investigation reported by Dr. Metzger, M.D., of Northwestern University School of Medicine in Chicago found that obese women had a 13.6% increased chance of delivering a baby with macrosomia compared to women of a healthy weight. If an obese woman then develops gestational diabetes her risk of delivering a macrosomic child is 20.2% above that of a woman of normal weight.

Delivering a baby with a high birth weight takes much more finesse than delivering a baby of normal weight. If a doctor fails to recognize that a baby is macrosomic they may not be able to take the necessary precautions to minimize the risks posed by the delivery. According to Allahyar Jazayeri, M.D. in an article posted by emedicine, attempts at perinatal diagnosis of macrosomia have proven difficult and are often inaccurate so a doctor should always be prepared for the possible complications of macrosomia.

Our Chicago, Illinois birth injury attorneys at Levin & Perconti recently received a settlement for a child born macrosomic whose doctors failed to properly deliver her. During delivery, the baby’s left shoulder became stuck on the mother’s pubic bone, causing a shoulder dystocia. A shoulder dystocia is a medical emergency that requires a series of careful maneuvers to disimpact the baby’s shoulder. If the doctor or nurse applies too much force the baby’s brachial plexus nerves can be damaged and the baby can develop a personal injury.

It is always devastating when a child is born with a preventable birth injury due to medical malpractice. When medical malpractice does occur, it is important to seek legal counsel to receive compensation that will allow the newborn child to receive the medical treatment necessary to give him a long and fulfilling life.

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