Group of Individuals with Cerebral Palsy File Suit Against State

When our Chicago birth injury lawyers take on a new case, virtually all of the time the focus is on helping the injured child in the future. Contrary to the skewed portrayals made by those who constantly attack the justice system, these suits are not about “revenge” or “anger” or “making a quick buck.” At the end of the day, there are usually two clear purposes: (1) ensuring that the victims will actually have access to the things they need to recover from the harm they received, and (2) to ensure that steps are taken at the negligent facility to lessen the chance that a similar error will occur in the future.

Large jury awards are often scoffed at by some who don’t understand how the process works. For one thing, those awards do not occur nearly as often as is believed. But perhaps even more importantly, the actual costs of dealing with the consequences of these birth injuries over the course of a lifetime reach high figures quite easily. Families who have children suffering from conditions like cerebral palsy, for example, can readily explain the costs that are associated with the extra care that the child victim needs.

Our Illinois injury lawyers firmly believe that it is the duty of those whose errors cause such injuries to pay for the consequences of their actions. Failure to do otherwise leaves these individuals (and their families) in incredibly tight situations, often depriving them of available opportunities to improve the victim’s quality of life simply because of a lack of resources.

Perhaps nothing demonstrates this more than legal steps that are being taken on behalf of certain individual with disabilities who are fighting to have basic concerns met by state officials. For example, Oregon Live reported that the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Oregon is joining a class-action lawsuit against the state. The suit alleges that forcing these individuals with disabilities to spend their days in “sheltered workshops” where they complete rote tasks for less than minimum wage should be ended. The advocates are concerned that these programs do little to provide actual training or advancement to these community members. This ultimately may have significant effects on the individuals’ quality of life and overall well-being. One of the named plaintiff described her day as one where she sits in a room with 100 other people putting parts into boxes, folding bags, and packaging gloves. At some points the woman receives less than forty cents per hour for the work.

As this situation demonstrates, many community members will disabilities like cerebral palsy are forced to engage in complex legal battles just to receive a reasonable level of care and have basic opportunities afforded to them. It is imminently reasonable for a family to demand that the individual and institutions who caused a certain disability to ensure that the victim receives the level of care they need without being forced to scramble to receive less than acceptable treatment at the state’s expense. Our birth injury lawyers strongly believe that this comes down to basic fairness, a concept that people on all sides can understand.

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