Husband Mourns Loss of Wife Who Died After Giving Birth to Twins

Most of our discussion on this blog centers on birth injuries affecting the new child and information about new research into ways to prevent harm to children during their delivery or throughout a pregnancy. Our Illinois birth injury lawyers know very well that preventable injuries to young children have a lifetime of consequences not only for the injured children but for their entire family. Most of our work involves helping families receive compensation such that they do not have to worry about finding the resources to ensure their children’s quality of life is maximized.

However, at the end of the day it is important not to forget that there are actually two individuals whose physical health is on the line during a delivery: the new child and the mother. Harm caused to mothers during pregnancy are sometimes not discussed enough, and it is important not to forget that many families continue to be devastated after losing mothers when deliveries go bad.

The NY Daily News shared one heartbreaking story this week about a mother who died two weeks ago shortly after delivering twins. The woman had long wanted children, but getting pregnant always eluded her and her husband. Finally, after seven years of trying, the 44-year old woman was ecstatic to learn that she had finally become pregnant-and with twins no less. The woman’s husband reported after the tragedy that his wife was small, weighing only one hundred pounds at a height just over five feet tall. However, there was nothing unusual about the pregnancy, and the nine months went by without any major issues.

A scheduled C-section was already in place, because one of babies was in breech position. The day before the planned surgery, the mother went in for her preoperational appointment. Her blood pressure was elevated, and so the doctors decided that it would make sense to have the surgery performed that day instead. Both children were born that afternoon, about two minutes apart. However, things soon went awry. The woman’s husband explains that he watched as doctors soon began struggling to control her postoperative bleeding. He reports noticing her slowly slip away as she lay on the Intensive Care Unit table. Her heart stopped at one point, and doctors were able to restart it temporarily. As doctors tried to frantically save her, the husband was eventually asked to leave the room. An hour or two later, while holding his newborns in a private room, he was given the news that his wife had gone.

It was an unspeakable tragedy that the victim’s entire family is obviously still absorbing. It is a tragic reminder that mothers depend on the proper care of their medical providers during these births just as much as the new children. Considering this deadly birth occurred only two weeks ago, there are still many questions to be answered. The hospital where the birth accident occurred has not commented on the tragedy. The state’s Health Department is investigating the situation, and a medical examiner is expected to soon issue a report identifying a conclusive cause of death. The Chicago birth injury lawyers at our firm send sincere condolences to the family at this difficult time.

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