Illinois Family Recovers $29M in Birth Injury Case

Our Chicago birth injury attorneys recently read about a Gurnee birth injury lawsuit in which the family of the baby received $29 million dollars after the verdict was in found in their favor. The lawsuit was against the doctors and nurses that were in charge of taking care of the baby after birth and the lawsuit dealt with their negligence that led to their baby’s permanent brain injury following his birth. The Illinois birth injury lawsuit alleged that the baby, who was born eight years ago, suffered severe brain damage because the doctors and nurse at the health center where he was born failed to take proper care when he was born with a common blood infection.

The birth injury lawsuit was filed years ago and the family of the young boy won the suit last year, but it was appealed to the United States Court of Appeals, and just recently affirmed, meaning that the appellate court agreed with the original trial court. The appellate court agreed that the evidence presented showed that the doctors and nurses acted negligently in not treating the newborn baby’s infection for 12 hours after he was born with clear signs of a infection that was clearly getting worse over time.

The lawsuit against the doctors and nurses that were caring for the baby at the time of delivery and shortly after the baby was born, were accused of acting negligently in respect to their treatment of the baby shortly after birth. According to The Chicago Sun Times, when the baby was born he had a blood infection that is common during pregnancy and at birth, and can be treatable if handled appropriately. However, as the lawsuit alleges and the court agreed with, the doctors and nurses did not do anything for the baby for nearly 12 hours after birth. At that point the infection had advanced to a point where the baby suffered from severe injury, including a diagnosis of cerebral palsy and of spastic quadriplegia that are permanent and will require care throughout his whole lifetime.

The family of the baby did not realize immediately that the baby’s permanent brain injuries were caused by the doctor’s negligence, and did not realize that his injuries would likely not have been permanent had the staff acted as they should have when the infection presented itself. The family only realized that the staff had acted negligently when their second son was born with the same infection and was treated with medicine immediately after birth and recovered completely. This made the family realize that something must have been done wrong with their first baby and that the hospital staff had not handled the baby with the appropriate level of care that he needed.

If you or your loved one believes that a doctor or nurse acted negligently in treating your baby during birth, or shortly after birth, and your baby suffered injuries as a result, contact our personal injury law firm today. Our Illinois birth injury attorneys have helped clients all over the state of Illinois with birth injury lawsuits and are here to talk to you about what has happened and what options are available.

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