Infant Suffered Neurologic Injuries at Birth, Lawsuit Filed

The birth of a baby is one of the happiest days in the lives of parents and relatives. While most births happen without incident, unfortunately, sometimes an injury occurs at birth. A woman has filed a lawsuit in Cook County claiming that her daughter was permanently injured due to negligence. The baby suffers from serious brain damage, which is irreversible. The lawsuit seeks damages of more than $50,000.

Neurologic Injuries

Neurologic injuries are those affecting the central nervous system. In this case, the lawsuit indicates that there were complications during birth that caused the infant to suffer a lack of oxygen to the brain. The brain can only survive for a matter of minutes without a sufficient oxygen supply. Oxygen deprivation, also known as cerebral hypoxia, causes severe and permanent brain damage and neurologic injuries. The lawsuit alleges that negligence on the part of the doctor and hospital during the labor and delivery process caused the injuries.

Labor and Delivery Mistakes

Most often, the labor and delivery process concludes without any complications or injuries. However, when there are complications, the doctor and medical team must take immediate steps to resolve the problem and make the birth successful. Sometimes a prolonged labor can cause problems with delivery. The mother and baby should be monitored during labor to ensure that it is progressing as it should. In this case, the mother indicates that the doctors should have known that the baby was at risk and therefore should have performed an emergency c-section.

C-Sections Can Prevent Birth Injuries

Cesarean sections (c-sections) are generally considered routine surgeries that remove the infant from the mother without a vaginal birth. C-sections are routinely performed in cases where the baby or mother is at high risk, or when the baby is large. In some instances, a c-section must be done quickly if the baby or mother are experiencing distress. If the proper monitoring is not used, the baby could be suffering from a lack of oxygen without anyone noticing. This presents a very serious medical emergency where the baby could be permanently harmed or could die as a result.

Prevention of Neurologic Injuries
Doctors, nurses, and other members of the medical team are required to provide proper care to both the mother and infant during labor and delivery. Heart rate monitoring is very easily accomplished and can quickly bring attention to problems. The baby’s heart rate is monitored using a special belt that is put in place over the mother. Of course, even with a monitor in place, medical professionals must check it frequently to ensure that the baby is not in distress. An alarm is set to provide an audible sound if the oxygen level dips too low or if there is a problem with the heart rate. These procedures can save the lives of infants. Sadly, the doctors in this situation did not provide proper care or monitoring and did not properly respond when the infant was in trouble. Now the child and her parents must live with a serious mental disability for the rest of the child’s life.

If your baby was injured at birth as the result of medical malpractice, you may be entitled to compensation. Call the skilled legal team at Levin & Perconti to review your case.

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