Injuries to Mothers during Labor and Delivery

It is not only infants that can be injured during the birth process. Mothers can also experience injuries, some of which may be very serious. In some cases the mother may die. Injuries are often preventable and could be caused by mistakes made by the doctor or medical team. When labor or delivery becomes difficult the risks to both the infant and the mother increase.

Injuries during Childbirth

There are a number of different injuries that may occur to mothers while they are giving birth. Potential injuries include:

  •         Perineal Tears
  •         C-Section Injuries
  •         Hemorrhage
  •         Injuries Caused by Forceps

Injuries may range from minor issues that will heal within a few weeks, to major medical problems that may be life-threatening. While doctors are often focused on the infant during birth, the mother’s health may be compromised.

Loss of Blood

Some loss of blood is normal after the delivery of a baby. When the bleeding exceeds 500ml it is considered postpartum hemorrhage. Excess loss of blood can be caused by various factors. Tears that are not treated with an episiotomy may cause excess bleeding and may not heal properly. Cuts during a c-section can also be the cause of loss of blood. An extreme loss of blood is a serious medical emergency.

Forceps Injuries

The most common injuries to both babies and mothers are caused by the use of forceps or other devices during birth. Instruments assist doctors in pulling an infant; however, they can also cause tears and ruptures to the mother. Perineal tears can be quite difficult to repair because they run between the mother’s vaginal area and anus. The doctor must repair the area with stitches and it requires further evaluation and treatment to ensure proper healing. An episiotomy is sometimes necessary to prevent tears from occurring.

C-Section Injuries

A c-section is surgery. As with any type of surgical procedure there are some risks and potential problems that could occur. Because a c-section is close to vital organs such as the kidneys and liver, these can be damaged during surgery. Mothers who have c-sections are also more vulnerable to dangerous blood clots. Additionally, mothers who have had c-sections may have complications if they attempt a vaginal birth in the future.

Preventable Injuries

When a mistake is made during labor or delivery that causes medical harm to the mother, it may be considered medical malpractice. The victim may be entitled to file a claim to resolve the case and get money for damages.  Medical malpractice is a serious claim and one that typically requires assistance from a qualified attorney. Your lawyer will work to try to resolve the case through negotiation or by proceeding to court. Damages may include money to cover medical expenses, future treatment costs, and legal fees, among other things.

If you were the victim of a medical mistake during birth that caused harm to you or your infant, you deserve justice. Contact the experienced legal team at Levin & Perconti to schedule a consultation to discuss your options.

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