International Birth Injury Cases Highlight Value of Illinois Justice System

Recently, RTE, Ireland’s national television and radio broadcasting agency, published a harrowing story involving a mother whose fight for justice for her brain damaged daughter finally came to fruition. The High Court of Ireland ruled that the daughter should be awarded 1.3 million euros, as she sued the Health Service Executive through her mother. The Health Service Executive is responsible for the oversight of all provided health care and social services to the people of Ireland.

Her fight began the day of her birth over four years ago. The daughter’s mother claimed that hospital staff used large amounts of a specific drug intended to artificially induce labor. She also claimed the methods used to deliver her baby were subpar, and that her aftercare while at the hospital was entirely inadequate. Her daughter now suffers from cerebral palsy, and is severely brain damaged, allegedly due to the events at the hospital during her birth.

More Money Overseas
This wasn’t the only birth injury case to see the spotlight in Ireland this month, though. Less than a week earlier, a boy who also suffers from cerebral palsy and severe brain damage due to poor birthing methods and aftercare was awarded a settlement of 300,000 euros by the High Court. Once again, this boy sued the Health Service Executive of Ireland through his mother after waiting over seven years after his birth.

Problems With the System
This sort of event doesn’t need to happen to you here. While a traumatic birth injury can occur in any location, seeking justice for the situation doesn’t have to be a delayed action.

In both of these stories, the plaintiffs saw their cases delayed for years in the hopes that the Irish government would install promised legislation regarding lifetime care for certain injuries. And in this country of nationalized healthcare, the people are largely at the mercy of the national governing body, the Health Service Executive, when it comes to legal issues regarding medical treatment. Advocates are readily available to defend birth injury victims and their parents, but must wade through developing legal systems that are highly in favor of the national bodies.

Things Are Different Here
Legal matters regarding medical treatment are dealt with differently in Illinois. Most importantly, birth injury victims are not required to attempt to sue a nationally governing body that oversees healthcare for all. This de-monopolized system allows victims to hold accountable individual institutions and practitioners.

On this note, the United States maintains a system in which strong advocates must face off against their peers, and not against a stacked system that is backed by their own government.

What This Means For You
If you, your relative, or someone you know is the victim of poor care or birthing methods resulting in a birth injury, you don’t have to worry. While the international community is still struggling to find a fair and concise way to provide birth injury victims with adequate assistance, the legal community in Illinois is setup to ensure justice is served. And with an aggressive and adept birth injury attorney in Chicago, you can fight together to receive a settlement to help you live the life you deserve.

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