Jury Awards $8.4 Million in Breathing Tube Injury

The actions of a hospital staff during the labor and delivery of a baby can result in lasting medical consequences for the child, as well as the mother and family. A moment of hesitation or inaction may lead to serious injuries that will forever effect the newborn’s quality of life. When these incidents occur, physicians and the medical center should take responsibility for their role in the injury. However, if they don’t, an experienced attorney can assist victims in securing the financial compensation to which they are entitled.

Northwest Georgia News is reporting about a five-year-old boy who was recently awarded an $8.4 million settlement from a Georgia jury. He lives with cerebral palsy and, according to the court documents, the medical staff that handled his birth is responsible for his condition. As stated in reports, the young boy’s mother trusted the medical staff of a Georgia medical center with the delivery of her child. The fetal monitor reportedly showed that the baby was in distress from a lack of oxygen. This information should have prompted a cesarean section, according to court documents, but medical staff never notified a physician about the risky situation.

The report states that the baby was successfully delivered, but was in urgent need of a breathing tube. The neonatal resuscitation team was unable to assist because they were already working on another patient. There was reportedly no back up assistance called for the baby, who ultimately waited eight minutes for the use of a breathing machine. The child now lives with a list of injuries that will require consistent medical attention for the rest of his life. He reportedly suffers from developmental delays and seizures. The child is also unable to walk or talk, and requires feeding through a tube. His family asserted that these injuries were the result of inaction by the medical team, and the Georgia jury reportedly agreed.

Hospital Preparations

Neonatal resuscitation is vital to the process of stimulating a newborn baby to breathe independently. According to a report by Medscape,10% of all births require some level of breathing intervention by medical professionals. The report calls this statistic “concerning” because a large majority of newborns are born in hospitals that do not maintain personnel with an increased level of experience in high-risk deliveries. This creates a situation where most births are occurring in environments that are not adequately equipped to handle emergency breathing situations.

Experts suggest that all delivery room personnel receive training with every tool of neonatal resuscitation. In addition, adequate resuscitation equipment should be available. These precautions may prevent the type of tragedy that occurred in the Georgia case. But when medical centers refuse to adhere to these recommendations, a court of law may find that they are failing to follow medical standards. This finding may lead to financial compensation for birth injuries occurring within the facility.

If your newborn experienced a birth injury from the lack of timely resuscitation, contact the experienced birth injury attorneys today.

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