Lawsuit Alleges Birth Injuries Were Caused by Medical Negligence

The birth of a child should be a happy experience, but for one family, the happiness turned to sadness when the baby suffered a birth injury. The parents have filed a lawsuit in Cook County against a hospital and medical team that were allegedly negligent in their treatment, causing serious and permanent injuries to the infant. The lawsuit requests a trial by jury and damages in excess of $50,000.

Crash Cesarean Section

A crash cesarean section, or c-section, is performed on an emergency basis. Therefore, the c-section was not previously planned as part of the pregnancy medical exams. A c-section is a medical procedure to extract the infant, which is done instead of a vaginal birth. The c-section is often completed as a precaution to ensure the infant remains safe and healthy during labor and delivery. In this case, the woman’s c-section was done at the last minute and the baby suffered a birth injury.

Permanent Birth Injuries

The infant in this instance suffered serious and permanent birth injuries. These injuries should have been avoided, and according the lawsuit, the medical team and hospital are to blame. Not all birth injuries are apparent immediately. Sometimes, injuries that caused brain damage do not appear until the baby begins to walk and talk. As a result of his injuries, the child will require long-term care over his lifetime. Injuries that affect the physical or mental skills are often caused by lack of oxygen to the brain sustained during the birth process.

Negligence by Medical Team

The lawsuit claims that the medical team was negligent in a number of areas throughout the care throughout the pregnancy as well as during labor and delivery. The defendants failed to inform the woman about the risks of continuing the pregnancy rather than delivering sooner. The doctor did not properly treat the woman’s pre-eclampsia. Then, the woman was not admitted to the hospital in a timely manner and while in labor, the woman and baby were not properly monitored. As a result of the negligent actions, the infant suffered distress during birth, which required an emergency c-section.

Medical Mistakes

Negligence occurs when a medical professional makes a mistake or fails to provide proper care. Doctors are held to a high standard of care because of their training and education. A doctor is expected to know the health impact of a mistake or the failure to diagnose may have on a patient. In this instance, the baby suffered a permanent disability because of the improper care provided to the mother during pregnancy and throughout labor and delivery. If not for the negligent care, the baby would likely have been born without any injuries. It is possible that the woman should have been scheduled for a c-section, which would have eliminated the dangerous extended labor that caused the injury.

The parents in this case are seeking compensation to cover the expensive medical treatment that the child received and will continue to require over his lifetime, as well as other expenses. If your baby suffered a birth injury, contact Levin & Perconti to schedule a consultation today.

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