Lawsuit Alleges Cerebral Palsy Caused By Birth Injury

The Illinois cerebral palsy lawyers at our firm have worked with many families who have children with special needs. Raising a child who has physical and/or developmental challenges is often wrought with emotional, physical, and financial struggle. These families deserve our support at all times.

Those families whose children developed their injuries as a result of negligence during their birth should also remember that the legal system provides an avenue to help the family seek compensation to aid in their child’s development. Unfortunately, access to appropriate resources is still a problem for many local residents in this situation. It is only logical that when a birth injury is caused by medical negligence, the negligent parties provide redress to support those harmed by their errors.

Another Illinois Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit
Injury Lawyer News is reporting this week on yet another lawsuit that has been filed by a family who claims that their child developed cerebral palsy because of a birth injury. The lawsuit was originally filed last September in Cook County by a woman who claimed that her son developed cerebral palsy during his birth. The woman’s obstetrician was named as a defendant in the litigation.

The woman in this case had given birth to the child in 2003. During the pregnancy the woman claimed that she had concerns-she could no long feel the child moving. The woman was worried that this might be a sign of problems. She had experienced with that, as two prior children were born prematurely. At one point after again commenting on possible problems, the woman’s medical team discovered that the woman was already in preterm labor-she was three centimeters dilated. The baby was delivered via C-section.

Unfortunately, the premature child was not born in perfect health. He was immediately diagnosed with a bacterial infection. A few days later doctors told the woman that the child also suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. A cerebral hemorrhage is a stroke, where blood flow to certain parts of the brain stops. Brain cells often die when this happens, causing permanent damage.

The lawsuit that was filed in this case alleges that the woman’s medical team failed to properly deal with her high-risk pregnancy. They did not diagnose her conditions in a timely manner or take necessary steps to manage the conditions. On top of that, the suit alleges that the child’s bacterial infection and stroke were not properly diagnosed or timely treated.

Getting Legal Help
The legal system can be confused. Many families are not sure if their situation is one that warrants visiting with an attorney. However, it is important to remember that visiting with legal professional to learn more does not automatically bind you to anything. At the end of the day it is just a way to share your story and get basic information about how the law does or does not apply in your case. Considering the costs associated with ensuring your special needs child has as much support as possible, there is nothing to lose from seeing if compensation should be awarded in your case.

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