Lawsuit alleges that doctors intentionally delayed delivery to increase chance of death.

According to Westlaw News, a pending lawsuit on the west coast claims that hospital doctors intentionally delayed delivery of a baby after they confirmed that the baby would be born with substantial brain injuries. This birth injury lawsuit continues to allege that the hospital doctors delayed delivery in order to increase the likelihood that the baby would not survive delivery.

The unborn baby’s mother is alleging that doctors knew that her unborn baby needed to be delivered immediately and that failure to do so would result in traumatic brain damaged.

She further states that once the doctors determined that the unborn baby had in fact suffered severe brain damage, the doctors purposefully took actions to end the unborn baby’s life in order to save the hospital and the doctors from legal and financial responsibility.

Unfortunately, this pending birth injury lawsuit is not the only case where unborn babies have been affected by a doctor’s negligence. As covered in this blog recently, in one birth injury lawsuit, a newborn baby suffered from fetal hypoxia when doctors failed to order an emergency Cesarean section. In another case, a birth injury lawyer represented the family of a newborn who suffered a brain injury from severe lack of oxygen during delivery. You can read more about these incidents below.

Our Chicago birth injury attorneys have over 25 years experience dealing with a variety of types birth injury cases. Sadly medical professions make preventable mistakes during childbirth that have permanent effects, and victims often require lifelong care and assistance. For this reason, it is important that victims are fairly compensated for healthcare provider negligence during birth.

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