Lawsuit filed after hospital released a woman in labor

The McKinney Courier-Gazette reported on a pregnant woman who was forced to give birth to her daughter at home after she was turned away from her local hospital. The woman reported to the hospital’s emergency room for treatment. She told the staff in the emergency room that she was suffering from sudden and severe pelvic pain. But the staff discharged her the same day without conducting an examination. When the woman returned home, she went into labor. Her delayed delivery caused her newborn daughter to sustain a traumatic birth injury.

When an unborn baby is delayed during labor, there may be tragic consequences affecting the health of the child. A delayed delivery may cause hypoxia resulting in brain injury due to lack of oxygen. Delayed deliveries may also cause cerebral palsy, Erb’s Palsy (paralysis of the arm), and other learning or developmental disabilities.

Delayed births may be the result of the inattentiveness or the negligence of the attending physician or hospital staff. Victims of birth injuries are sometimes awarded multi-million dollar verdicts or settlements to compensate for the medical costs, pain and suffering, and even the disability the child and their family may face.

It can be difficult for families of young victims to determine whether their child’s injuries were the result of unavoidable medical complications or were the result of medical negligence by a physician or hospital staff member. If you know of a victim, please contact one of our Chicago birth attorneys at Levin & Perconti.

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