Many Struggles Face Young Boy Injured During Birth

Birth injuries are frequently discussed in the aggregate, with statistics referenced in order to explain the scope of the problem. It is important to spread awareness of the total number of local community members who are affected by problems during childbirth. However, our Illinois birth accident attorneys also know that in the end, these are individual struggles. At the end of the day it is individual families that are forced to work through the consequences of these accidents, consequences that often last a lifetime. That is why it is important from time to time to discuss the specific struggles faced by individual children whose lives are forever changed because of things that occurred during their birth. Compass Cayman recently produced a story that shared information on what one four-year old boy has gone through in his short time here after suffering a birth injury.

The young boy’s trouble became apparent only when he began failing hearing tests as an infant. After reviewing the tests doctor concluded that he must have suffered a stroke while in the womb. The stroke apparently affected the child’s brain function. However, there are lingering suspicions that oxygen deprivation that the child experienced right after his birth may also have caused his developmental delays. It was only later that the child was specifically diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is actually a term that refers to a range of problems that involve brain and nervous system functions. Those suffering from cerebral palsy face a myriad of problems affecting thinking, hearing, vision, movement, and most other basic human actions.

The child in this case has difficulty seeing and hearing. In addition, any muscular movement is extremely hard for him. Even tasks as simple as chewing are a struggle, though his parents hope that one day he will be able to swallow easier. The boy cannot walk or even crawl, but he has learned to roll to get around. The child also suffers from chronic acid reflux disease, causing him pain when he is placed in certain positions. His inability to chew and trouble swallowing means that he had to have feeding tube inserted into his stomach-he could not take in enough food to survive otherwise. On top of all of that, the boy has full body seizures. The seizures in part caused him to develop sleep problems, and he can now only sleep a maximum of four hours at a time.

Tragically, our Chicago birth injury attorneys know that this young child’s situation is not unique. Many local families who have experienced an Illinois birth injury have children with cerebral palsy. Many of those youngsters have the same set of problems. Obviously, the care required to support these victims is costly. When the problems are caused by misconduct that should have been prevented, it is entirely reasonable and logical for the one who committed the error to provide recourse to help these families provide care for their disabled children. If your family has a member who suffered a birth injury and you suspect poor medical care contributed to the injury, please contact our office and see how we can help.

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