Maternal Health Was Focus of “No Mother’s Day” Event

The weather was gorgeous yesterday throughout most of Chicagoland, allowing local residents the chance to celebrate the Mother’s Day holiday with cookouts, picnics, and other fun family gatherings. Each Illinois birth injury lawyer at our firm appreciates that every day is a good one to salutes Moms everywhere-but it is nice to have a reminder every May to take the time to give thanks for all that mother’s do each and every day to keep families together and strong.

Yet, because of the very nature of our work, we are intimately familiar with the many families who no longer have a mother around. Of course, many mothers pass on after a long, fruitful life. Others, however, are taken much sooner-often during childbirth or later on as a result of various birthing complications. Maternal death rates vary throughout the world, but, as we’ve often discussed, the death rate for mothers in the U.S. is higher than one might expect. It is higher than most other developed countries in the world.

To honor those who we have lost during childbirth and focus attention on the continued problems faced by mothers during birth across the world, the Global Health Initiative’s “Every Mother Counts” conducted a program known as “No Mother’s Day” to highlight the consequences of losing mothers during pregnancy or childbirth from various complications or birth injuries.

MSNBC held a segment on the program this weekend. The full segment can be viewed online here.

The story explains how every year more than 360,000 mothers die across the world as a result of these pregnancy and birthing complications. The suffering and heartache faced by all those loved ones left behind is impossible to quantify. Christy Turlington Burn, former model and activist, explained the project’s goal: “What we are trying to do is get people to stop for a moment and consider how many lives are lost each day, and on Mother’s Day in particular, and to try to generate some of the positive energy and love toward every mother.”

The segment discussed the high rate of birth injuries and maternal mortality rates, including in the United States. For example, in Ireland the mortality rate is 1 in every 47,600 birth. In the United States the rate is 1 in 4800. That is a shocking discrepancy and runs counter to the assumption that the U.S. must have better healthcare systems in place. Out of that total number of deaths, the organization noted that at least half are entirely preventable. In the U.S. there are clear demographic trends. African American women are four times more likely to die in childbirth than Caucasian women. Observers explain that there is a wide range of factors that contribute to the discrepancy. In general the two main causes are a lack of quality in certain neighborhood hospitals and a lack of proper prenatal care for expectant mothers.

Each Chicago birth injury lawyer at our firm at Levin & Perconti salute all mothers and hope that yesterday was filled with much love, family, and great memories. However, we also urge local residents to take a moment to remember those mothers that we’ve lost-that includes those who died during childbirth.

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