Medical Malpractice Suit Against Negligent Doctor

It is every parent’s worst fear for their child to suffer from a traumatic experience during the course of their life. Still, due to high levels of medical negligence during birth, some parent’s fears come to fruition all too soon. That was the case of one mother who gave birth at Norwich Obstetrics and Gynecological Group Inc. under the care of Dr. John Bodin. According to the Norwich Bulletin, Dr. Bodin was sanctioned by the Connecticut Department of Public Health after an investigation found he failed to monitor a woman in labor or intervene when nurses reported the unborn child was in distress. This failure led to the child suffering brain injury and a brain hemorrhage which subsequently led to the newborns untimely death only five weeks after his birth.

The mother, who has chosen to remain anonymous, claimed in a lawsuit against Dr. Bodin and the facility, that Dr. Bodin used an excessive amount of Pitocin, a drug used to stimulate contractions, and subsequently failed to recognize signs of fetal distress or to intervene by performing a timely Cesarean Section.

Medical malpractice lawsuits are unfortunately not uncommon. According to the Connecticut Department of Public Health an OB-GYN is sued an average of 2.7 times during his career. Lawsuits can be expensive to defend, costing as much as $200,000-$300,000 per lawsuit. These high costs, and the increasing costs in medical malpractice insurance are why Dr. Bodi claims to have closed his practice.

While Dr. Bodi acts as though he has been victimized into closing his facility, it is important to remember who the real victim is in this story. It is not Dr. Bodi who’s child was lost due to the negligence of another, and although Dr. Bodi may have had to close his facility because of the high costs of his insurance (which he claims to have been about $130,000 per doctor, and would have increased because of this now pending lawsuit), perhaps next time when a mother is suffering from similar symptoms as the mother in this case, Dr. Bodi will remember the consequences of performing his duty negligently.

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