More Parents Considering Hypnobirthing to Control Labor Pains

Our Illinois birth injury lawyers are very attuned to the fact that common practices in pregnancy and labor change over time. Of course, on one hand this is caused by advances in safe medical practices to ensure that birth injuries are prevented and youngsters are given the best chance possible to enter the world without long-term health problems. Beyond the health-related changes in the process, there are many other trends that are less directly connected to specific medical advances.

For example, ABC News published another story this week on the growing popularity of “hypnobirthing.” This is a new process by which expectant mother try to control the pain of childbirth without the need for medication intervention. The growth in the use of this option mirrors a trend that our Chicago birth injury attorneys have previously discussed-changes in epidural use.

The article explains that hypnosis itself is a much different concept than most immediately understand. Hypnotists are usually connected to comedy events, with audience members forced to act silly for the pleasure of everyone else. But beyond the humorous uses, hypnosis is a very real mental state connected to intense focus on concentration. As such, when done properly, it may be used to help people deal with difficult, chaotic, or painful situations. Those adjectives often apply to childbirth, and so some mothers are trying to use the mental state to their advantage when giving birth to their children.

One woman who used hypnobirthing explained how she used the techniques to help during the birth of her daughter a year and a half ago. She noted that many women are understandably afraid of pain, and so the technique can be a very helpful way to help handle those fears. She summarized the process thusly: “Hypnobirthing is letting your own mind surrender to your own body and letting your body take control and birth your baby.”

Of course, an industry has grown to help mothers learn the techniques and used them appropriately when the time comes. One hypnobirthing instructor explained that mothers usually take several classes while pregnant to help learn proper breathing and concentration techniques. The ultimate goal is to allow mothers to self-hypnotize during labor.

That hypnotic state is not sleep, but it is somewhat similar in that the one hypnotized is not fully aware of their surroundings. It is an intermediary, relaxed state which allows the body to work without the mind interfering and acting on or thinking about the pain. Mothers admit that the process doesn’t eliminate all pain during labor. However, it allows the pain to be controlled and the mother to work through the process.

Each Illinois birth injury attorney at our firms appreciates that there is no single right ways for any family to go through the pregnancy and labor process. Each community member has their own preferences about where to give birth and what interventions to accept. At the end of the day all that matters is that those charged without helping out through this process-like doctors, nurses, and midwives-act according to reasonable standards. Mothers are not guaranteed a perfect outcome but they are protected against other hurting them with negligent aid.

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