Mother Flown to Mexico for Burial After Dying in Childbirth

Most cases that our Illinois birth injury lawyers work on are cases involving injuries to children that lead to permanent problems for the infant. Illinois cerebral palsy cases, brachial plexus harms, and similar injuries are often caused by preventable medical malpractice. When that occurs the law demands that the negligent party be held accountable for their mistakes and provide redress to the injured family.

Yet it is important not to forget that it is not just the life of a child that is in danger in childbirth. Mothers can also face serious harm and even death when complications develop during the birthing process. Of course, historically maternal death during childbirth was a very potent risk for women. In the past birthing death rates were high for women. In fact the death rates remain high in certain parts of the world where individuals have less access to modern medical equipment and expert professionals.

Disturbingly, however, the maternal death rate in the United States is actually much higher than some might suspect. It is higher than virtually all other developed countries in the world. While deaths during childbirth are still somewhat rare, observers should not become complacent in assuming that mothers are never at risk in these situations. For example, earlier this year we reported on the heartbreaking case of a young woman who died after giving birth to twins. The family had spent years trying to conceive a child. They were overjoyed when the woman finally became pregnant-with twins no less. Yet the moment was short-lived as the mother eventually died after giving birth to the women because of extreme blood loss.

Recently, the Riverhead Patch reported on a similar tragedy, with a mother who left a young family heartbroken after passing away during childbirth. The woman was only 27-years old when she went into labor with her third child. The children’s father explained how the family knew that the birth was going to come with some complications. The other two children had been born via C-section. Initially the delivery seemed to have gone fine; the new addition was born healthy.

Yet the mother suffered complications shortly after the birth. The woman was transferred to another hospital to receive emergency care, however it was too little too late. She passed away, leaving her two young children and a newborn. The woman’s family intended to bury her in her hometown in Mexico, however they initially lacked the money to send her there. Fortunately, many in the community collected money and enough was saved to allow her body to be buried back in her own place of birth.

Each Chicago birth injury attorney at our firm send heartfelt condolences to all those affected by this latest tragedy. Whether it is a birth injury that affects a child or a mother, we appreciate that there is something particularly horrible about a moment that is supposed to be one of the most important for a family turning into unimaginable tragedy. If this has occurred to you or someone you know and you suspect that it may have been caused by inadequate medical care being provided, be sure to reach out to legal professionals to see how the law might apply in your case.

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