Mother Is Asking Questions About Mysterious Birth Injury

Every Illinois birth injury lawyer knows that it often remains a challenge for many families whose newborns suffer injury to get straight answers from the medical providers who were in charge of their care. Sadly, it is often only after the filing of an Illinois birth injury lawsuit (and the subsequent discovery process) that victims are able to learn some details about their situation. This is particularly true when medical professionals fail to act in a reasonable manner when providing care. Far too often, instead of being straightforward about the problems, hospital personnel clam up and families are left in the lurch.

Just this week News 10 shared the story of a mother who is still trying to figure out what happened to her young child. The baby was born 13 weeks premature, weighing just 2 pounds at birth. While still recovering in the hospital the girl’s mother noticed that there was a problem with the child’s foot. She became very concerned when she saw that the baby had a growing blackness on her left foot, appearing burned and bruised at the same time. Discovering the injury was shocking enough, but the mother became infuriated when no one at the facility would talk to her about it. The woman reports that the hospital only began talking after the woman contacted journalists to help. She had repeatedly asked for the ombudsman, but hospital personnel claimed that he was unavailable.

Perhaps even more disheartening the discoloration and blistering appears to have occurred on the same day as a nurse’s strike at the facility in late September. Of course, it remains unacceptable for the care of hospital patients to be compromised by these labor disagreements. In addition, under no circumstances should a mother be refused answers to basic questions about the cause, care, and well-being of her young child. It remains unclear exactly what the problem was, what caused it, or why the hospital administrators failed to help the mother with her concerns.

It is unfortunate that these situations are more common than many might suspect. Nothing is more important to families than the health of their loved ones-that is particularly true when it comes to new children. Yet, time and again medical staff members refuse to answer basic questions about the causes of certain birth injuries. On the whole, the vast majority of medical care workers who are involved in the birth and care of young children are immaculate professionals who deserve immense praise for their work. But there remain a minority that fails to act appropriately and then, upon that failure, try to hide the mistakes by refusing to be open and honest with the victims and their families.

Our Chicago birthing accident lawyers at Levin & Perconti do not believe that any family should have to go through the pain of having a child injured without any information about what happened. If medical professionals fail to be candid or if it becomes clear that your child was hurt because the care he or she received was inadequate, please get in touch with a legal professional to learn what can be done and to ensure that your legal rights are protected.

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