Mother Recovering Following Serious Childbirth Injury

Childbirth is obviously a very delicate process. Each Illinois birth injury lawyer knows that lives literally hang in the balance when a mother goes into labor. Medical advances have come a long way over the years, and it is critical that professionals act appropriately at all times putting the advances to use to ensure the child is given the best chance possible to be born without long-term injury. Unfortunately, things do not always go as planned and birth injuries arise–sometimes they are caused by medical negligence while other times they could not have been prevented.

Most focus on these injuries revolves around long-term harm to a child. That is for good reason, as serious harms, such as cerebral palsy, usually alter the course of the youngster life forever. But we mustn’t forget that mothers also face unique risks at this time, and their own lives can similarly be forever changed as a result of mistakes or unpreventable errors during childbirth.

For example, a recent Post Gazette story shared the slow recovery of mother following serious complications that developed during the birth of her daughter over two years ago. In early July 2010, the woman was delivering her daughter when she suffered an amniotic embolism. The embolism was caused by the leaking of amniotic fluid into her bloodstream. She suffered cardiac arrest and had a stroke.

Most medical experts characterize an amniotic embolism as “rare and unpredictable.” Doctors were able to save her, but she ultimately needed to spend four months in the hospital, stuck in a coma for most of that time. Even then, by the time she was released she was not her usual self. Barely able to walk or talk, even simple tasks were a challenge. This is a common problem for all those who suffer serious brain injuries like this.

It has been a long-road to recovery, but our Chicago birth injury lawyers were happy to read that the mother has shown clear improvements in the two years since the incident. The article notes that she can now do some of her own shopping and cooking, is able to write, and has regained use of some of her right extremities which were damaged in the stroke.

Of course it is important not to suggest that the mother no longer faces challenges. She still requires the assistance of a nurse, who arrives each morning to help the woman get dressed and make it therapy. Two to three times a week she takes advantage of speech, occupational, and physical therapy in her ongoing recovery quest.

The story is an inspirational one for all those whose lives have been changed by a birth injury. The family created a website to chronicle the mother’s recovery. It can be viewed HERE. One particularly stirring passage offers words of support to all those working through these challenges, noting: “Hope is something worth holding onto, you may be capable of far more than you ever thought possible, and each day of life is a valuable day.”

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