Mother settles malpractice birth injury lawsuit for millions

According to a report on, a mother received a birth injury settlement of $7 million after her child was born with a severe genetic disorder. The birth injury lawsuit was filed against four medical professionals in Massachusetts. The obstetrician, nurse practitioner, geneticist, and genetic counselor failed to inform the mother of genetic tests available to determine if the then unborn child had a genetic disorder. The testing during the pre-natal treatment would have clearly revealed the severe genetic disorder; the specific disorder is not noted here for privacy purposes.

As noted in the article, although English was not her first language, the mother did her best to convey those wishes. A procedure called amniocentesis was offered during a session, which is a procedure that reveals the entire genetic make-up of the fetus. However a proper translator was not present at that session in violation of the hospital’s medical procedure. Amniocentesis was not offered after that session when a proper translator would have been present.

The child requires constant support and care. The child is currently receiving state- and town-funded care until she turns 21 years old. Only at that time, the settlement money will be available to pay for her care. The settlement will be paid by multiple malpractice insurance providers.

The Chicago birth injury lawyers at Levin and Perconti are fully experienced in handling all types of medical malpractice claims, including birth injury. Birth injury is a wide range of injuries from the above mother’s situation, through physical or mental injury to the mother or child even after birth. Birth injury expenses are particularly overwhelming because victims often require lifelong medical care, treatment and assistance.

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