Mothers Reminded of Potential Risks of Abdominal Plastic Surgery

A story this week at Inforum provided an interesting discussion on a topic that may be useful for pregnant mothers or those who have just recently given birth. Many mothers who have battled obesity throughout their loves or have had several children may have excessive abdominal skin. Our Chicago birth injury lawyers know that many medical professionals believe that the excessive skin can be a health hazard and mothers may be healthier by having it removed. Carrying the extra tissue can cause strain on the body, even leading to breakdown and tears in the skin.

That is why some medical professionals suggest that patients have the skin removed surgically. The procedure is known as abdominoplasty. It has grown in popularity significantly over the past few years. Since 1997, the total number of procedures performed annually has tripled. Data from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery explains that the rate of increase continues.

Mothers are spurring much of the increase in abdominoplasties, because of the effect that pregnancies (particularly multiple pregnancies) can have on that part of the body. Our Illinois childbirth lawyers understand that a pregnancy stretches the tissues, skin, and muscles in the mother’s abdomen. The total effect on the body in this way depends in large part on the size of the developing child and the amount of weight the mother gains during the pregnancy. Doctors explain that some mothers have the skin shrink back into place, while for others the extra skin remains extended. The purpose of abdominoplasty is to correct the problem by retightening the stomach muscles which are spread during the weight gain of pregnancy.

These procedures can be very helpful for both medical and cosmetic purposes. However, as with all surgeries, it is incredibly important for those considering the procedure to understand the risks involved. Any time that one goes under the knife, the chance for complications exist. That is no different when it comes to abdonimoplasties. These risks make it imperative that families fully think through the necessity of these elective surgeries before deciding what the right decision is in their particular situation.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons works hard to spread accurate information about cosmetic surgery risks. When it comes to abdominoplasties, the group explains that the main risks include infection, improper healing at the incision site, blood pooling, and fluid accumulation. A big part in preventing the complications, say the experts, is maintaining a healthy weight and size in the few months prior to the surgery. In other words, the surgery may not be ideal for those who are still experiencing weight fluctuations. Researchers from the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery suggest a steady weight for at least three months prior to any “body countering” procedure.

Finding the right, certified, skilled doctor capable of performing these procedures safely is absolutely essential. Medical malpractice attorneys at our firm understand that the quality of care provided be different plastic surgeons can vary tremendously. It is always best to have the operation performed by a surgeon who was specifically trained in these operations, instead of those who have switched from a different type of medicine to plastic surgery without as thorough training or experience levels.

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