Nearly $60 M Birth Injury Verdict Highlights Expense of Life-long Care

The size of verdicts and settlements in civil lawsuits depend on a variety of factors. While large figures often surprise some community members, there are very real calculations that go into determining how much a plaintiff can and should receive in any given case. The type of injury, the length of rehabilitation, scope of pain and suffering, effect on third parties, degree of culpability of defendant, and other factors all play into the ultimate amount that a lawyer will seek and that a court may provide. Our Illinois birth injury attorneys have spent decades evaluating and working within the system to ensure that all of our clients receive the full compensation that fairly accounts for all of their losses.

It is not uncommon for verdicts and settlements related to these injuries to be some of the largest and for good reason. Unfortunately, when an Illinois birth injury strikes, the consequences often last for a lifetime. When a child is injured at birth the overall loss to the family is extremely high. There are often staggering past and future medical costs, immense pain and suffering, and sometimes disability or disfigurement. In addition, many children who are permanently harmed while being born due to a preventable error will never live a normal life as a result. Whenever possible those losses should be accounted for an included in the damages sought when holding the medical professional accountable for their conduct.

The scope of these injuries is hard to overestimate. That is why it is not necessarily all that shocking to read stories like the one reported in the News Journal late last month on the $58.6 million verdict following a birth injury lawsuit. The case was filed after an obstetrician made mistakes during delivery that caused a child to suffer severe brain damage. As a result of the mistake the child is unable to walk, talk, or eat. After hearing all of the evidence in the case from both sides, the jury returned a verdict for the plaintiff in the amount of $58.6 million. While suits of this size are certainly not the norm, it is possible for injuries caused by negligent medical professionals to result in millions of dollars in long-term damage to the families involved. The jury verdicts reflect the seriousness of the mistake.

Our Chicago birth injury attorneys have worked on many cases where a jury has returned a verdict or settlement for significant sums. For example, just last year our lawyers achieved a verdict in the amount of $6.5 million for a young girl who suffered cerebral palsy and mild mental retardation following her doctor’s failure to perform a timely Caesarean section. In another case our client was awarded $6.71million by a jury after an inexperienced resident physician made serious errors. The young child in that case suffered shoulder dystocia and a brachial plexus arm injury as a result of the mistakes. Unfortunately similar errors occur across our area all too frequently. It is important for all victims to ensure they protect their rights by visiting a legal professional to discuss their options.

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