New Birth Injury Lawsuit Alleges Failure to Address Gestational Diabetes

Injury Lawyer News reported last week on a new birth injury lawsuit that was filed earlier this year by a couple following complications during the birth of their child. According to the report, the couple sued a group of medical professionals and a medical facility in Boca Raton, Florida. The suit alleges that members of the staff acted negligently during the birth. In particular the plaintiffs claim that the hospital inadequately dealt with the expectant mother’s gestational diabetes. As a result, the child allegedly suffered brachial plexus injuries and hypoxia.

Gestational Diabetes
PubMed Health explains that gestational diabetes is essentially high blood sugar levels that are first diagnosed during pregnancy. The causes are varied, but generally the problem arises when pregnancy hormones block insulin from working properly. This results in rising glucose levels in the expectant mother’s blood.

When handled properly our Illinois birth injury lawyers know that gestational diabetes are often mild and not life-threatening. Usually the mother experiences symptoms like fatigue, increased thirst, and some nausea. Certain infections can be more likely to develop, however, which may come with more complications.

However, when not properly managed, mothers and child can suffer injury as a result of the diabetes. For example, children born to mothers with the diabetes are often larger than normal. The larger size can result in delivery-related complications when unreasonable care is provided. In addition, the newborn is at risk of low blood sugar levels.

This Case
The mother in this case was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in the middle of her pregnancy. As a result-as is common in these cases-she was also found at increased risk of “macrosomia” (having a child with a high birth rate).

Our Chicago birth injury lawyers often explain how the size of the child can affect the delivery, making it vital for the medical team to take appropriate steps to ensure the child is able to navigate through the birth canal safely. Failure to do so can result in the child getting stuck in the mother’s body and being injury during the delivery.

That is what apparently what happened in this case. The mother had an induced labor in early January 2010. During the birth the child’s shoulder became lodged on the mother’s pubic bone-shoulder dystocia. The infant was severely injured as the medical team tried to free her. In fact, the birth injuries were life-threatening. The child required “aggressive” resuscitation and was forced to stay in the intensive care unit for a prolonger period.

In addition to the shoulder injury, the child also suffered “hypoxia” which is shorthand for a condition where the child’s brain does not receive enough oxygen. This can result in severe brain damage which may or not be permanent. Many families often do not know the full extent of these sorts of brain injuries until the child grows older.

The suit in this case claims that the medical team should have been better prepared to deliver the child without injury. The mother had very clear risk factors that should have led the team to make certain accommodations which might have avoided the injuries.

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