New Hampshire midwife surrenders license following a string of lawsuits

A midwife in Concord, New Hampshire surrendered her license to practice following multiple complaints alleging that the midwife failed to take proper precautions during delivery. Some of the complaints have turned into lawsuits. In one suit, the mother developed an infection and underwent a hysterectomy immediately after giving birth. Another lawsuit deals with a child who suffered severe brain injury during birth.

In New Hampshire, midwives must take a college course in anatomy, study under a practicing midwife and pass a written exam to become certified. The New Hampshire Midwifery Council licenses and oversees the state’s lay midwives.

The midwife facing these current allegations has already faced restrictions on her license in the past due to a birth injury in which the midwife failed to monitor the labor properly. According to the Midwifery Council, who keeps files on recorded complaints, the midwife failed to get emergency help in a timely manner and the baby consequently died.

As a result of her negligence in that case, the Midwifery Council required the midwife to temporarily practice under another midwife and to participate in continuing education. However, following her supervision, the midwife assisted eight births in one year that sparked numerous allegations of misconduct.

In one past case, the midwife was unable to locate the baby’s heart rate for an extended time near the end of the labor. According to the patient’s allegations, the midwife didn’t call 911 immediately after birth even though the baby was not breathing. Instead of calling 911, the midwife allowed a student midwife try to revive the baby. The student did not have any training or education in neonatal resuscitation. Although the baby was resuscitated after being taken to a local hospital, the newborn sustained severe brain injury due to lack of oxygen during birth.

To read more about these allegations, visit the Concord Monitor.

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