New Research May Have Implications for Illinois Birth Injury Victims

A new study discussed in US News may have important implications for families dealing with traumatic birth injuries. All those who have suffered through complications during a pregnancy and the consequences stemming from them are aware of the lifelong challenges faced by many birth injury victims. In many instances the damage occurs in the young child’s brain-leading to developmental problems incapable of corrections.

However, new data suggest that newborn nerve cells may help heal the brain after traumatic injury. The research out of the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center and publish in the Journal of Neuroscience showed that new neurons were vital in mice’s ability to remember a maze following a brain injury.

The data may settle a debate about the role of newborn nerve cells in brains. The cells, made in the hippocampus and important in learning and memory, are beneficial in brain recovery. One neuroscientist explained the importance of these cells by noting that “It’s clear they are doing something, and that that something aids recovery.” The next challenge is for doctors to understand how the creation of new cells-neurogenesis-can be harnessed.

This could have clear consequence for local victims. In theory, the use of these newborn cells could help improve the mental function of those who have suffered from an Illinois brain injury. Blog readers are well apprised of the many Chicago birth injury lawsuits that arise in the area because of complications following medical errors. Many of those victims suffer problems without chance of improvement. All new information that may lead to better prognosis is welcome.

Our Chicago birth injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti will be interested in following the development of this and similar research. The frequency of these sorts of injuries is far too high. All medical developments that may ease the pain and improve the quality of life of the victims are very encouraging.

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